Tempo Tuesday…err…Wednesday

I started writing this yesterday, but never finished it. I baked granola bread instead. Mmm…granola bread!


Alliteration is so sweet. I was one tired girl Tuesday morning. I was so tempted to skip my workout, or switch it to something shorter and easier. But I turned on some Parks and Rec and got it done.

5min Zone 1 = 5.5mph (10:55 pace)
5min Zone 2 = 6.0mph (10:00 pace)
30min Zone 3 = 6.5mph (9:13 pace)
5min Zone 2
5min Zone 1

Intervals are good for picking up speed, but I think tempos are where it’s at to increase your base speed. A pace that’s just slightly uncomfortable. I’m hoping by the end of the year I’m able to make some jumps in my zone paces.

Today’s workout was a 40 minute Foundation Run. I got in 3.93 miles. Old NRG would have had to finish out the 4 miles, but the new 80/20 convert stopped at 40 minutes. I ate breakfast first and then ran since Wednesday is late start and I have more time. I run better when I eat first, but most mornings that just isn’t possible.

I went grocery shopping last night. I love grocery shopping. Mr. Neon picked up the boys, so I was able to do it ALONE. I love grocery shopping even more when it’s just me and the shelves.


I used our reusable bags. We forget them sometimes, but we’ve been using them almost weekly for close to a year now. I’m a BIG fan. My trunk is just prettier than icky plastic bags.

I was able to get a couple more Amy’s Kitchen meals so I could return to Vegan Before Five. I also got supplies to make an old recipe that I coverted to vegan for homemade freezer lunches. Tortilla Black Bean Casserole. It’s a recipe that I got from K-State’s Housing and Dining Department. It was one of my favorite things they had on the menu when I lived in the dorm. K-State used to have a few recipes on their website, but I can’t find the link now. Anyway, once I make the casserole, I’ll post the recipe!


I was scrolling through the Amy’s Kitchen instagram hashtag and came across a picture of someone’s lunch. It was just a serving of this chili with a serving of basmati rice dumped in it. Doesn’t that sound good?! I use this brown rice quinoa lentil blend at Costco that I plan on making with it. Easy lunch and fairly inexpensive too.

Ok…enough talk about food. Stay neon!

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