Mmmm…Those Words Taste Delicious

Apparently I shouldn’t write blog posts about shortening my race distances the day after a bad interval workout when I don’t feel good on a Friday. Because this happened at the course preview…


Check out that last mile. Yeah… That whole run felt good. Weather was good. Nutrition was good. Hydration was good. I taped my knee and wore the magical new Hurricanes. Have I told you about the Hurricanes? Two weeks ago, I was talking with my mom, who is an AMR role mother and gets Saucony swag, and telling her that I kind of wanted to try the Hurricanes. They offer a little bit more pronation support than the Guide and they are cushier. But they cost $160…$50 more than the Guides. Eeek. My mom showed up that afternoon at my work with KT tape and $50 and told me to buy the Hurricanes. She’s a good mom.


See magic… I have the pink ones, but I want the blue ones too. N+1 applies to shoes AND bikes in Neon Runner World.


IT band taped with pink KT tape. To match the shoes, of course. And nope, I did not have pants on in this picture. You are welcome for the photo edit crop job.

There was only one casualty from that run. My poor hair. Mr. Neon took a picture while we were hitting up McDs for our post long run sausage egga muffin. My pony tail was a nasty rats’ nest. Any suggestions what I can do to prevent this? This is the longest my hair has been since I started running 3 years ago.


Recovery snuggles are the best. I never get to sit in that chair alone. Never.


Alright, so I ate my words from last week. This week I’m planning for what’s next. Prairie Fire is in less than 3 weeks. I’m feeling good about it. If I can repeat that long run just a smidge faster, I’ll be happy. I really just want to see a 9 first on the pace on my official results.


Winter training planning. I’m leaning towards an intermediate 10K plan, which I’ll repeat for Easter Sun Run. Then I’ll look towards next October. 2017…the year I break 2 hours in the half? Maybe? Hopefully? We’ll see.

Stay neon!

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