I’m a whiner.

Somewhere Mr. Neon is reading this and vigorously shaking his head.

The last two weeks haven’t gone as well as I envisioned them. I’m pretty sure I have the dreaded “virus that mimics allergies” that is dominating all health related news reports right now. It started with a scratchy throat, then turned into a very stuffy nose, and now has morphed into a constant feeling that I’m choking on phlegm and general full body malaise.


I still managed to run 21+ miles last week, including a 10 mile long run on Sunday with 8(!) quarter-mile pick-ups. Mr. Neon and I opted to do it inside on the track since I was feeling less than 100%. It turns out that was a good idea. My legs felt good, and we managed a 9:49 overall pace. Confidence boosting run…for sure. I’m really hoping for a PR at Prairie Fire. My last half-marathon PR was TWO years ago.

I skipped Monday and Tuesday because my left IT band had a flare up during the last 2 miles of our long run. My hip has felt surprisingly good. I really feel like I’m continuing to get over this left side weakness. I just need to keep at it. Strength training needs to happen MORE often. And I need to keep up with the cross training and the focus on form.

This morning I managed to do my Tempo Run 4. 10 minute warm-up, 24 minute tempo at 9:15 pace, and a 10 minute cool-down. It took me a bit to get comfortable, but once I did, the minutes flew by.

Ok…that was less whining. And this blog has become a bit boring, so let’s end here.

Stay neon!

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