The End

Saturday marked the end of triathlon season. SOB! In 2014, I did two triathlons. In 2015, I did one. In 2016, I did FOUR. It should have been five, but I was the genius who signed up for a triathlon six days after Mr. Neon’s Ironman. Sherpa hangovers take a while to get over.

I did Tiara Tri this past Saturday. It’s my favorite triathlon to do. It’s an all-girl event, which is fun, but add in the number of brand new triathletes makes it extra fun. This year I really felt like a seasoned pro, especially when only handful of us have tri bikes. I got asked lots of questions. Race report coming soon. For now, you get randomness.


“Intestinal digestive support.” A.k.a. it makes your poop healthy and regular. But seriously…I’ve been taking a probiotic for a long time, since Tiny Boy was a baby. I started with one of the name brands. I can’t remember which one, but it definitely didn’t do the trick. Then I switched to the generic 4X probiotic from Sam’s Club. Then we switched to Costco. I tried unsuccessfully to use the generic from Walmart before discovering that our Kroger store carries the same 4X generic as Sam’s Club. But Sam’s…I thought you and Walmart were the same thing…WRONG. About a month ago I got an email saying that BASE was going to start selling a probiotic. I did the math, and with my ambassador discount, it was about the same price as the generic from Dillons. Why not give it a try? And guess what…it works better. I won’t go into details, but in the last two weeks since I switched, my bathroom habits are on point. HA! If you want happy poop too, just click the affiliate link to the right of this post.


I love peanut butter crackers. The end.


I’m missing Colorado today. Whenever we go on vacation, Mr. Neon and I play the game “Do you think we could live here?” Hawaii was a yes…duh, it’s Hawaii. Missouri was a no. Kentucky was a no. Indiana was a maybe. New York was a strong maybe. Texas was a no. Colorado is a very affirmative YES. Someday…maybe.


Summer is coming to a close. That means it’s time to share those Garmin tans. I think this summer’s tan compares to the epic tan of 2014. I didn’t get much of one last summer because of the then new full time job. This summer’s tan was aided in large part to the extra hour spent Pokemon hunting each day.

With triathlon season over, half marathon training begins. I kicked it off pretty well with a 9 mile long run on Sunday. Mr. Neon ran with me! I have sure missed my training partner these last three weeks. We were impressed both of us were able to maintain a smooth easy pace of 10:15, while managing to keep our HRs happily around 140.

I move from 3 days a week of running to 4 days (One foundation, one tempo, one interval, and one long run). I’m still planning on swimming once per week, and hopefully getting a swim coach. And I’ll still use my bike for XTing. Fingers crossed my left hip, knee, foot continue to see improvement!

Stay neon!

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