So much stuff…

There is so much stuff in my brain right now.

So…this happened two weekends ago. It still feels like yesterday. Yeah, I’m married to an Ironman. He’s a pretty big deal. I have a sherpa report coming. It’s gonna be a long one.


I also have a draft about all the supplements I use. I used to be anti-supplement and used to get mad at the amount of money my then-weight-lifter husband used to spend on them. Now I spend twice what he spends. Oops…I hate it when he’s right.

I hit a training week high the last week of July with 50.89 miles, swimming biking and running. And then I only ran twice in Boulder and didn’t run at all last week. I tried to jump back into my long stuff over the weekend with somewhat disastrous results.

My Saturday brick went great. I did it inside on the trainer since I was still dealing with an Ironman hangover. I hit 18+ miles on the bike, easily keeping the cadence above 80, and the one mile run felt good.

Sunday’s long run did not go well. I got started an hour later than I wanted to. I was looking forward to a solo run. Mr. Neon is out of commission for another week or two. I don’t mind running alone. It’s nice sometimes to be able to run my pace, alone with my own thoughts. Nope…none of that happened. I went out too fast. It was hotter than my weather app said. My IT band decided to scream at me around 2 miles. I sat down on the sidewalk at one point to stretch, but a creeper guy caused me to get up and run to the gas station. I texted Mr. Neon whining that I was now 2.5 miles from my car. He told me that I could at least walk back. I shuffled my butt back to the car, went home, foam rolled, icy hotted everything, and called it a day.

My knee hurt all day Monday, but then miraculously did not hurt Tuesday morning. I did a very easy 35 minute foundation run, where nothing hurt except my left foot. Basically the entire left side of my body hates me. My left foot hurt yesterday, but then when I woke up this morning, everything was fine. My 45 minute bike this morning went fine, except I was tired and the quads were sore.

Stay neon, kids.

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