Running on Vacation

Hello from Boulder, CO! We are in town for Mr. Neon’s Ironman. It’s been over a decade since I’ve been in Colorado. And now that I’m here I’ve decided that I will not be waiting another 10 years before returning. I love this place! Especially Boulder. I have lost count of the number of people I’ve seen on bikes. It’s very athletic minded and laid back. I dig it!

Mr. Neon got checked in yesterday. And we bought ALL. THE. THINGS. We hit up the Hoka tent for new shoes, the Zoot tent for a new tri kit (50% off!), and the BASE tent for more salt. I tried to talk Noel into some Normatec, but alas I think we might have to wait on those.

Today will be spent driving the course, double checking gear bags, and figuring out our spectator spots. I think we’ll also hit up the Boulder version of Fleet Feet. I need a Run Colorado shirt, because I am in love with Colorado running.

I thought the altitude would bother me, but it appears that swapping out humidity and temperature for altitude is a good thing.

So here’s my suggestions for running on vacation:

  1. Shoes and socks. Duh.
  2. Bring one outfit for every two runs. Yup, I’m gross on vacation and just hang them to dry and wear them twice. It saves space and stink.
  3. Spibelt. To carry your phone with you, in case you get lost. Or because you have a 5K Pokemon egg to hatch. And take pictures of the scenery.
  4. Leave your music at home! It’s not only safer to run in a new place without music, but it’ll also heighten your other senses.


Seeing those in the background will never get old.


Soon-to-be Ironman!


I finally got to meet THE Matt Miller! I fan girled out a little bit. I love my BASE. I’m writing this post while drinking my recovery shaker bottle of Rocket Fuel.

Stay neon!

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