Hmmm…20 days and all you get is a race report. I’m not doing very good at this blogging business again.

So what’s up? Lots of stuff. Most people are probably winding down their summers, shopping for school supplies, and getting ready for a normal routine again. But not us!

We just got back from a big family vacation to Branson. I LOVE my crazy family, and I LOVE Tablerock Lake. But…I don’t love the hills…driving or running on them.


We started the long weekend with some lake time. I just love being on a boat. The boys got to tube for the first time. And Runner Boy went cliff diving. He’s such a dare devil. He definitely gets that from Mr. Neon.


Isn’t my grandma the cutest? She’s going to be 80 next summer, and I think that’s a big enough excuse to go back to the lake again. She didn’t argue!


Mr. Neon and I explored the 5K course mapped out at the resort. It was hilly. We were slow. But it was gorgeous. I was surprised how easy it was for me to wake up at 5:30 to run on vacation when I struggle to do it so much at home!

We ran the second day on the treadmills in the fitness center. A/C and no humidity was too tempting!


We took the boys to Ripley’s. They loved it. Who doesn’t love a building full of random weird facts!


I think Tiny Boy and I could have stayed in the giant wall Lite Brite room all day!


We went on a Segway tour of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. We didn’t really want the tour, just the Segways. An opportunity for some 30 and not-quite-30 year old cousins to have fun. Of course, one of us had to fall off his Segway. He’s a doctor, so I took great pride in doctoring his boo-boo up when we got back to the house we were renting. I told him I’d send him a bill later…after I process it through insurance, right? Mr. Neon was surprised at how nimble I was on the Segway. I’m a spaz on a bike, but I can handle a motorized hoverboard with steering…who knew?!


I really didn’t want to leave. I need an infinity pool overlooking the lake less than a block from my house. Please.


And a brother who makes me coffee every morning. We went through 2+ lbs of gourmet coffee in the four days we were there. We were well caffeinated!

Nine days until Boulder and Mr. Neon earns his Ironman tattoo. I’m trying not to be stressed by the back to back vacations. My mom finally told us yesterday that she would be going with us. I’m so excited to have her there! She’s a lot of fun and a great source of stress relief for me.

I’ve got big news about my training and my hip. I already have the draft started, so look for it later this week!

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