Making Gains!


A lingering storm. A glimpse of my new table. A whole lot of firework carnage. Good morning from the blue adirondack!

I hope everyone had a good 4th! We did! I was very much hungover yesterday. A little firework hangover, a medium-sized wine/beer hangover, and a big food hangover. I really need to reign the diet in. I’m a month into triathlon training and this is the point in most training cycles where I start to see some gains. The easy stuff becomes easier. I have to start adjusting paces slightly. I can feel myself getting stronger. This is especially true on the bike and the swim.

I swam 800 yards non-stop on Monday! Woo! And thanks to the drills that Mr. Neon continues to introduce to me, I feel like I’m becoming more efficient and my pace is starting to come down. I have a goal to be under 2:00 at least once this summer.

It’s almost chilly out here right now. I had to dry off my chair before sitting. Good thing my booty is already wet from my 45 minute bike. A storm blew through last night and disrupted my sleep. Lots of thunder and lightning. I’m not sure how much rain, but we don’t need it! We are under so many flood warnings from last week’s storms. I’m a little anxious to drive to work and see the couple of low places.

Ok…this post is getting a little boring. I think I’ll head back inside for some stretching, more coffee, and a warm shower. Stay neon!!

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