The Big Hip Update

I think this is the most nerve-wracking post I have ever written. But here goes nothing…


Like at all. Like it hasn’t hurt in three weeks. Like I think my bursitis is a thing of the past.

I’m afraid that if I say it too loud or tell too many people it’ll start hurting after my next run.

I’m definitely on the other side of this injury. Now, of course, comes the most challenging part. Keeping the course and not falling back on old habits that caused the injury in the first place.

So here’s my greater trochanter bursitis survival guide in a nutshell:

  1. Cortisone shot – They help, but they don’t last. Temporary fix.
  2. Physical Therapy – It works, but you have to do it. Sometimes it’ll make it hurt more, before it makes it feel better.
  3. Get refit for shoes. – This was the turning point for me. Once I got into the right shoe (or better show, however you want to look at it), I feel like all the PT I was doing was able to do it’s job that much more.
  4. Crosstrain – Switching to a triathlete training plan helped because I never ran two days in a row. And biking really works the glutes, which is where my weakness was.
  5. Stretch/Foam Roll/Yoga – Stretch everything, not just what hurts.
  6. Don’t give up! – Just keep trying different things. Bursitis is not a career ending injury. It’s not even really an injury. It’s just an imbalance. It’s a weakness somewhere in your body causing inflammation to flare up somewhere else.

My paces are coming down. My endurance is getting better. I guess it’s time to start training for a half marathon again. I have a 9 mile run on Sunday. Here goes nothing…



Hmmm…20 days and all you get is a race report. I’m not doing very good at this blogging business again.

So what’s up? Lots of stuff. Most people are probably winding down their summers, shopping for school supplies, and getting ready for a normal routine again. But not us!

We just got back from a big family vacation to Branson. I LOVE my crazy family, and I LOVE Tablerock Lake. But…I don’t love the hills…driving or running on them.


We started the long weekend with some lake time. I just love being on a boat. The boys got to tube for the first time. And Runner Boy went cliff diving. He’s such a dare devil. He definitely gets that from Mr. Neon.


Isn’t my grandma the cutest? She’s going to be 80 next summer, and I think that’s a big enough excuse to go back to the lake again. She didn’t argue!


Mr. Neon and I explored the 5K course mapped out at the resort. It was hilly. We were slow. But it was gorgeous. I was surprised how easy it was for me to wake up at 5:30 to run on vacation when I struggle to do it so much at home!

We ran the second day on the treadmills in the fitness center. A/C and no humidity was too tempting!


We took the boys to Ripley’s. They loved it. Who doesn’t love a building full of random weird facts!


I think Tiny Boy and I could have stayed in the giant wall Lite Brite room all day!


We went on a Segway tour of Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. We didn’t really want the tour, just the Segways. An opportunity for some 30 and not-quite-30 year old cousins to have fun. Of course, one of us had to fall off his Segway. He’s a doctor, so I took great pride in doctoring his boo-boo up when we got back to the house we were renting. I told him I’d send him a bill later…after I process it through insurance, right? Mr. Neon was surprised at how nimble I was on the Segway. I’m a spaz on a bike, but I can handle a motorized hoverboard with steering…who knew?!


I really didn’t want to leave. I need an infinity pool overlooking the lake less than a block from my house. Please.


And a brother who makes me coffee every morning. We went through 2+ lbs of gourmet coffee in the four days we were there. We were well caffeinated!

Nine days until Boulder and Mr. Neon earns his Ironman tattoo. I’m trying not to be stressed by the back to back vacations. My mom finally told us yesterday that she would be going with us. I’m so excited to have her there! She’s a lot of fun and a great source of stress relief for me.

I’ve got big news about my training and my hip. I already have the draft started, so look for it later this week!

Titan 10K

Oh, Southside Scorcher. You beat me again. One of these days I will break an hour in July. One day…

I worked late on Friday at an after hours library event. I fell into bed, exhausted, much later than I normally would have the night before a race. I did not want to get up at 4:30, but I pulled myself out of bed and started the coffee maker. I went for Earth’s Best blueberry waffles and PB for breakfast. Yes, the ones with Cookie Monster on the box. No, my kids don’t eat them. They are just for me.

Surprisingly my foggy brain was in top form. I got my small handheld water bottle out and filled the pocket with a Honey Stinger kid waffle and a tube with a heaping scoop of BASE salt. I donned my favorite neon tank and my need-to-be-replaced Under Armour 7-inch compression shorts. I noticed when I put my shoes on that the inner liner of the heel of my left shoe had worn all the way to the outer sole. Ugh. The shoes had less than 80 miles on them and were my only pair of running shoes that were still in commission. I slapped a bandaid over the would-be blister spot and hoped for the best.

The minute I stepped out the door I knew it was going to be a rough race. It was already hot and humid before the sun was even all the way up. When we got to the race location, I set off for an easy half-mile warm-up. I did some strides, chatted, and waited to line up. The boys and Mr. Neon were going to run the 1 mile, so I had company.

The race was small, so it was only going to be gun-timed. I lined up near the front and set off at an easy pace. I purposefully ignored my HR monitor knowing it would be high with the heat and instead focused on effort. Mile 1 was 9:33. Good…the pace felt relatively easy. My breathing was controlled. Mile 2 was 9:36. Holding steady. Thanks to my handheld, I ran through water stations, took a big sip, and then dumped the rest on my head, chest, and neck.

The course was an out and back, so I was able to see the front runners come back at me around the 2.5 mile mark. I like courses like that. Mile 3 was 9:38. I hit the turn around which was a little loopy woopty-woo around a bridge. Apparently this is where the temperature reached runner’s boiling point. I forced myself to eat my waffle. I had been licking salt every mile and sipping water. I felt fine, but I couldn’t get my legs to move any faster. The suckfest began. Mile 4 was 10:11. Mile 5 was 10:16.

The last 300 meters of the course is run on the South High track. The surface is black. It’s hot. Mr. Neon, Runner Boy, and Tiny Boy were standing at the stadium entrance. I tried to smile, but all they got was a grimace and my handheld thrown at them. I was ready to be DONE. Mile 6 was 10:29.

I crossed the finish line in 1:02:33. This was my third Titan 10k. Every year has been slower than the year previous. One day I will break an hour. One day I won’t be a new runner, marathon training, or injured.


I may not be overly pleased with my finishing time, but something wonderful did happen at the end of the Titan 10K. MY HIP DOESN’T HURT!

It’s been a magical revelation over the last two weeks. My hip pain is almost completely, totally, 100% gone. I’m almost afraid to think about it or talk about it, for fear that it’s just a fluke and the pain will be back.


Oh…and those boys of mine. They all placed in their age groups. Mr. Neon ran a 6:39 mile. Runner Boy ran a 7:26. And Tiny Boy ran a 8:29. Mr. Neon said it hurt more than his 100 mile bike ride a week later, and he isn’t going to let Runner Boy forget that he beat him until October when Runner Boy will surely PR his mile again.

Hill Repeats…aka Booty Burners

I REALLY need to start getting to bed earlier. It would make getting up at 5 a.m. so much easier. But summer…

I had hill repeats on the plan this morning. I did 30 second hills last week and did not feel like I got my HR up high enough. I’m sort of stuck in this in between area where I don’t want to push it too hard and irritate my bursitis but I’m ready for some harder stuff because I’ve got races coming up.

My treadmill is nifty because I can program workouts into it and don’t have to do math and push buttons. I really like not having to think and just having to speed up or slow down when it beeps at me. So…I decided that 5.0 grade hills at a 7.0mph pace (8:34…woah!) sounded like it would do the trick. I really hate when I’m right. I could totally feel my glutes firing. PT exercises are clearly doing their job.


I had a sweet reward for after my hill workout. Overnight oats! Are you surprised?! Of course not. Mr. Neon accused me of putting too much pineapple in it. Is that a thing? I don’t think so. Costco pineapple spears…I love you.


Mr. Neon and I will celebrate 11 years of marriage next weekend. And we just found a new way to spice up our marriage. Snapchat! Haha. We’ve started sending each other multiple snaps per day. It’s silly and fun! Old dogs can learn new tricks.


Some of the filters sure make me feel pretty!

Stay neon!

Making Gains!


A lingering storm. A glimpse of my new table. A whole lot of firework carnage. Good morning from the blue adirondack!

I hope everyone had a good 4th! We did! I was very much hungover yesterday. A little firework hangover, a medium-sized wine/beer hangover, and a big food hangover. I really need to reign the diet in. I’m a month into triathlon training and this is the point in most training cycles where I start to see some gains. The easy stuff becomes easier. I have to start adjusting paces slightly. I can feel myself getting stronger. This is especially true on the bike and the swim.

I swam 800 yards non-stop on Monday! Woo! And thanks to the drills that Mr. Neon continues to introduce to me, I feel like I’m becoming more efficient and my pace is starting to come down. I have a goal to be under 2:00 at least once this summer.

It’s almost chilly out here right now. I had to dry off my chair before sitting. Good thing my booty is already wet from my 45 minute bike. A storm blew through last night and disrupted my sleep. Lots of thunder and lightning. I’m not sure how much rain, but we don’t need it! We are under so many flood warnings from last week’s storms. I’m a little anxious to drive to work and see the couple of low places.

Ok…this post is getting a little boring. I think I’ll head back inside for some stretching, more coffee, and a warm shower. Stay neon!!