Overnight Oats Obsessed

I used to eat peanut butter toast every single morning. But then Dillons stopped making English Muffin Bread. It was a sad day in the Neon Runner house. Ever since then, I’ve just eaten whatever. Sometimes Nuttzo and preserves on a homemade English muffin or Dave’s Killer Bread. Sometimes a hard boiled egg and toast. Sometimes a Vega One smoothie. Sometimes blueberry toaster waffles and peanut butter.

My latest obsession is overnight oats, which I mentioned the other day. I gave the recipe, but here’s the actual ingredients I use. Stir 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup milk, 1 Tbsp chia, and 1 Tbsp maple syrup together in a lidded container. Top with a handful of raspberries. Chill overnight.


That wasn’t enough raspberries and I had to get out the other container. I REALLY like raspberries.


The end result. I add the Nuttzo in the morning. I just love this stuff. It’s perfectly chilled for a summer breakfast, the texture is awesome, and I feel really good all morning after eating it. It fills you up too.


This view never gets old. Mr. Neon joined me this morning, but he didn’t want his picture taken. Adirondack morning with my guy…perfect way to start the day.

I had a 40 minute bike this morning. It was supposed to be just a Z1/Z2 HR easy ride. Initially I was going to do my normal aero training intervals, but then I just decided to keep myself comfortable. When my quads started burning, I knocked it down to a lower gear for a minute. When my triceps and shoulders got tired of aero, I came out of it for a minute or two. I didn’t stare at my watch…and guess what…the ride was over before I knew it and the whole thing felt much more natural and relaxed. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel about the bike the way that I feel about the run, but I’m getting there.

It sounds like a Tiny Boy or a Runner Boy is up and ready to start their morning tempo run. I better go supervise and get myself ready for the day. Stay neon, friends!

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