Going Paperless


Dave’s Killer Bread, Nuttzo, Fruit and Honey Strawberry, and this view. Good morning! I also added 5 minutes to my usual Tuesday foundation run. Boom…take that Tuesday.

So, has anyone else gone paperless? I don’t know why but that word makes me giggle. I resisted paperless bank statements for a while, until I realized that I do nothing with them but file them away. I got a notice from Verizon the other day that we would automatically be switched paperless unless we contacted them and let them know we wanted our paper bills. Some companies are even charging now for paper billing. So I guess I’ll just switch all our bills to paperless. I finally gave up my paper planner two years ago. I still have one at work, but it annoys me. I stopped taking paper notes a while ago. Initially I used Evernote, but the constant bombardment about signing up for one of the subscription plans caused me to look elsewhere. I finally settled on Keep from Google. Now all my stuff is in one place with one sign-in. I also took a big step yesterday and put my training plan into a calendar. No more carrying around my training binder, which means I can use my cute purses again and not my bigger, bulkier (but equally cute) tote bags.

Speaking of training plans, I made a somewhat big decision yesterday. I am going to step down to the level one half marathon plan in the 80/20 book starting the last week of August. Right now I’m on an Olympic distance triathlon training plan and will pick up week 9 of the half marathon training plan after Tiara Tri. Before this whole hip garbage started, I was going to use level 2, but my gut is telling me to stick with level 1. There’s still going to be plenty of speedwork, just a lower weekly mileage and more opportunities for XTing. It does make me a little nervous that my longest run will be 12 miles before Prairie Fire, but I need to let that go. Sub-2 is a long shot at this point. I just need to keep building my base and rehabbing my hip. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Thanks, Dory.

Stay neon!

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