Never Miss a Monday


When I was following Train Like a Mother and Run Less, Run Faster, I always had a Monday workout. I also used to have Sunday rest days. 80/20, however, has Monday rest days and long workouts on both Saturday and Sunday, at least for the triathlon plans. I’m kind of liking it. But tonight, I plan on doing 20 minutes of yoga, my PT exercises, and I also signed up for this 30 day challenge, which I haven’t started yet. I’ve been following James Dunne on Twitter for several months now and really enjoy his exercise videos. A lot of them have helped with my hip rehab.

I meant to lead with this, but all the #nevermissamonday posts on Facebook distracted me. I GOT ALL MY SCHEDULED WORKOUTS DONE THIS WEEK! Oh yeah! My distance total was 31.69. It feels really good to get back over that 30 mile hump. Sunday ended the base building phase of my training, and now I’m getting into the meat of it. This means that instead of 30-35 minute workouts, I’ll have 40-45 minute. Those extra ten minutes can make a big difference in my mornings. The goal this week is to get to bed a bit earlier and to actually get up when the 5am alarm goes off.

Mr. Neon and I had fun yesterday at the Just Tri. Derby Youth Triathlon. I’m so glad that our friend, Sarah, took a chance and was a first time race director for this event. She assigned us to transition, and we had a blast. I noticed that she put most of the triathlete volunteers in transition. We were able to help the kids go through the paces of getting on their bike from the swim and also getting their bike back and getting out on the run. Some of those kids had impressive times. I counted three flying squirrel mounts…all from mini racers (age 7-10). I can’t wait to see where Sarah goes with it next year. It was an incredibly successful inaugural event!

Do you volunteer at races? I try to do one per year.

Do you never miss a Monday? Do you take rest days?

Stay neon!

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