New Goodies to Try

I am back in my beloved blue adirondack chair this morning! I’m enjoying this early morning blogging situation I’ve got going on. Usually I just sit in front of the TV drinking my coffee. This is much better. Sitting outside, listening to nature, watching the sun come up the rest of the way. Yep…good stuff.

I did not want to get out of bed this morning. I actually laid back down for about 5 minutes before convincing myself that there was no other time in the day that I was going to get my workout done. I needed to get up…NOW. Does anyone else struggle through the first couple weeks of training? It takes me a good month sometimes to get back into a good routine.

I’m not sure how, between a massage and nearly an hour of preschool yoga yesterday, but my run this morning was tight. It was hard to get my body to relax into the stride. I told Mr. Neon on Monday that I really need to make an effort to run outside at least once per week. I’m a little too attached to my treadmill…I know, I know…you all think I’m crazy. But it’s easy. It sets my pace for me. It’s right there in my house. And it’s air conditioned!

Side note: There’s a quail somewhere REALLY close. I love their little “bob-white” whistle.


Another Amazon package arrived yesterday. I use Amazon like normal people use Walmart. Sarah from Another Mother Runner used these after Boston, and I have wanted to try them ever since she sang their praises on their podcast. They are an add-on item though, so I had to wait until I found enough other stuff to load into my cart. I’ll let you know how they work. I’m going to swap them out for my usual ibuprofen today. I’m hoping they will help Mr. Neon with some of his cramping and soreness after his upcoming long rides and runs.


Mr. Neon and I are constantly saying to one another that we wished we stretched more. After reading Scott Jurek’s book, we got a copy of Wharton’s stretch book, and I really need to find time to sit down and read it. I’ve also heard really great things about this DVD. Worth a shot. A little yoga goes a long way!

Time for some more porch sittin’, some coffee drinkin’, and then some gettin’ ready for work. Stay neon!

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