6:30 a.m. Randomness



This is my current view. I’m sitting in my birthday adirondack chair sipping my coffee and eating overnight oats. Perfection.

Side note: Overnight oats are the bomb. Here’s my custom brew: 1/3 cup oats (Bob’s Red Mill thick rolled oats are my fave!), 1/3 cup almond milk, 1 Tbsp chia, 1 Tbsp maple syrup, 1 Tbsp Nuttzo, HUGE handful of raspberries. YUM!

I guess it’s official. I’m back training. I did 29 miles two weeks ago and 28 miles last week. No not all running…remember…I’m a triathlete now, so my training miles include swimming, biking, AND running. I’m on an Olympic triathlon plan until the end of August when I’ll pick up the back half of a half marathon training plan. I’m still using 80/20 running. Thank you, Matt Fitzgerald. You are a genius.

So how is the hip? It still hurts. Every day. But it’s more manageable. It doesn’t hurt while I’m running. I’m still doing PT exercises 2-3 days per week. The shoe change has eliminated the ITBS in my left knee, which makes the hip pain even more manageable. I keep telling myself that eventually I’ll get strong enough that my hip just won’t hurt anymore. Some day…


Mr. Neon and I were sitting at the dinner table last night finishing our wine when he pulled out “the training plan.” He realized how many pages he had left vs. how many pages were done. His face was pretty priceless. I’m proud of this guy. He’s gonna be an Ironman in 6.5 weeks. Wow.


About an hour after dinner (dishes done, kitchen clean, wine consumed), Tiny Boy comes up to me and asks if there is any more broccoli. After he picked me up off the floor from fainting due to shock, I told him no, but I could make him some more. So I did…and he ate it…ALL OF IT. This kid lives on PBJ, chicken nuggets, pizza, and strawberries. Just keep trying parents…eventually your kids will pick up on your good habits.

Alright…time to wash the sweat off and get into some librarian clothes. Stay neon!!

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