Trying not to fall off the wagon

I woke up this morning and my hip was screaming at me the minute my feet hit the floor. I was supposed to do a 30 minute speed play run. Just five little 1:00 intervals at Z5. Normally I would look forward to a workout like that. Big progress in a short amount of time, but instead I started thinking…what will my hip feel like at the end? How long will it hurt for? And before I could talk myself into getting running shoes on, I had drifted off back to sleep and didn’t wake until my absolutely-have-to-get-up alarm went off.

Is there an end in sight? I sure hope so. I feel like I’m stuck in one step forward, two steps back, followed by two steps forward, one step back. Repeat, over and over again. Am I actually moving forward? I’m not sure. I told Mr. Neon this morning that I feel like I’m trying not to fall off the wagon. I’m holding on and digging my fingertips in. I refuse to give up my favorite hobby just because of a little pain (ok…sometimes big) pain in my hip!

The sprint triathlon this Sunday is going to be interesting for sure. The swim is longer than I am comfortable with. The bike is probably going to be done on my trusty road bike since I’m having saddle issues with my tri bike. And the run is going to hurt. Wee! But I’ll have Mr. Neon spectating. He took one for the team and did his four and a half hour bike ride today and is going to do his long run tomorrow, leaving Sunday free-ish to spectate me doing my tri. I so wish I could join him on his long run. I will never take a healthy, pain-free running body for granted ever again!

Time to jump off the whine train and brag on Runner Boy for a second. I wish I had taken pictures at run practice last night. Runner Boy has finally made the nutrition, hydration, training connection. He had a heck of a practice last night. They did 400s (one lap hard, one lap easy) until they hit 3.5 miles. He averaged a 7:48 pace for 4+ miles (including the slow 9-10min mile warm-up). According to his Garmin, he PR’ed his 5K during PRACTICE. And he made it look easy. He was passing people he usually runs with. He drank and ate so well yesterday, and I’m hoping the lightbulb moment he had hangs with him the rest of this hot summer.

Time to sign up! I am going to attempt to complete my workout after work. Cross your fingers and stay neon!!

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