Reasons Why I Haven’t Posted Lately

1. My hip hurts again. It was doing really well two weeks ago. And then last week it started bugging me again. I ran for the first time in a week this morning and the pain seems to have shifted forward. Not sure what’s going on. I’m trying to hit PT a little harder.


2. Mr. Neon did a half ironman distance race this past Sunday and I got sunburned. To my credit, I wasn’t expecting to get burned. I was planning on spending the day in the shade, watching him run by our campsite. But he bonked on the run and I stayed with him as much as I could around the campsite to keep him motivated. My Garmin step counter said I went over 10 miles on Sunday. 22,000+ steps on a “non-workout” day. I’m guessing I ran 5-6 miles total. It worked because despite having a crummy run, my love had a 19min PR. He was 6th out of the water!


Priorities! I had my father-in-law cover my tattoo with sunscreen stick. It was the only thing on my shoulders/back that didn’t get burned! Lesson learned. Sunscreen is going on multiple times at Boulder in 2 months.

3. I’ve been reading more lately. After I finished Scott Jurek’s Eat & Run, I handed it over to Mr. Neon. He is now thinking we need to try to go more vegetarian / vegan. I’m on board, but I’ve got to figure out how this is going to change our lifestyle and my current system of grocery shopping / food prep / cooking.


4. Summer Reading. We signed up 2,000 kiddos in our first week. Woah. I’m pooped. I had my first storytime today and it went well. Summer is just go-go-go at the library!

I’ll leave you with what happens to Mr. Neon after races. It’s why I always have to drive him to anything longer than a 10K or Olympic distance tri. The boys and I like to call it the Post Race Coma.


I’ve got a race this weekend – a sprint tri. And technically Monday was supposed to the be the start of my next round of training. Starting a training plan with a rest day and then a skipped workout does not look good.


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