Did you read yesterday how I said I would do something today? Well, that something turned into SIX miles. The last time I was able to run six miles was the Easter Sun Run all the way back in March. Today’s six didn’t go perfectly. My quads were dead from the bike trainer ride yesterday. And I stupidly forgot water or BASE salt, but my sherpa (er…amazing husband) brought both. My IT band flared at mile 5.5ish or so, and we walked the last quarter mile. BUT! we still averaged a 10:30 overall pace. I haven’t run with Mr. Neon in far too long. We had fun, even if the conditions were less than ideal. And I got to wear new run clothes picked out by him. He knows my love language for sure! I found some regular run shorts at Target that are awesome. They are the premium ones with the wide waistband. I usually have trouble with the liner giving me a wedgie, but these ones didn’t at all. I liked them so much I ordered them in the other color.

I think it’s safe to say I’m back! I still have another week before my next training round starts. I’m hoping to get my diet back in check. I’ve definitely been stress eating and those 5lbs that I managed to lose in the last couple of months are back. Our fridge is full of fruits, veggies, and good proteins.

I should be posting more regularly now that I have emerged from the dark cloud of injury. Bursitis, I told you I would beat you. And I’m going to be stronger as a result. I’m still doing my PT exercises 3+ times per week. I can definitely feel a difference after long workouts. My glutes were so sore today that I had to focus on them more than anything else while I was foam rolling.

Stay neon, friends!!

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