Good News and Bad News

Good News:
This is the most pain free week I’ve had with my hip. I’ve managed to run three days and cycle two days. And I still have one more day in the week. I’ll do something tomorrow, not sure what. I should probably swim and possibly attempt to run 5 or 6 miles. My cardio is getting back to normal. I was able to put in a solid one hour ride on the trainer. I’ve NEVER ridden that long on the trainer before.

Bad News:
My stomach has been off for at least a week. I missed two days of work during a week that I shouldn’t really miss. At first, I blamed more fruits veggies and whole grains. But now I think it’s the diclofenac, the miracle anti-inflammatory that made me forget all about my bursitis. I haven’t taken any for 24 hours now, and the bloat, discomfort, and upset is gone. Darn it.

Hopefully the continued physical therapy exercises, XTing, and slow ease back into running four days per week will continue to improve my hip. I’m ready to get back to some harder workouts. I did the track workout with the boys’ XC team on Thursday and it was the first time I managed to hold a sub-9 pace for any period of time without shooting pains through my hip and down to my IT band.

The shoe change has made a big improvement. I’m still getting used to the bulkier, less flexiable shoe, but I’m making progress with every run. If my knee and hip don’t hurt, I’ll accept the change. I’ll miss my Brooks PureCadence, but if the Saucony Guide is better for my body and feet, then I’ll gladly change brands.

Off to grocery shop. We’re planning on using food tubs again with our boys for lunches and snacks. I need to find my old post that I did on those. It’s a lifesaver with two always hungry boys in the summer.

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