Ask Me!

Ask me how much my hip hurts? Just do it! Ask me how my hip is feeling? Please…just ask!


Of course, I’m jinxing myself, but whatever. My hip has hurt every single day for the last 4.5 months. I’m going to revel in my pain free moments while I can. Physical therapy + deep cortisone shot = HAPPY NEON RUNNER GIRL!

I figured out a plan to get me back into training mode to be able to jump back on a regular training plan.

Monday – Run
Tuesday – Bike
Wednesday – Run
Thursday – PiYo
Friday – Bike
Saturday – Long Run
Sunday – Swim

Of course, there’s no rest day, so we’ll see how that goes. But since I’m not doing much more than 30 minutes at a time right now, I don’t really NEED a rest day.


I’ve been keeping the cataloging ladies busy with interlibrary loans this week. These are my current three finds. I read the intros to all of them and now they are all on my Amazon wish list. I think I just need to add a $40 budget line for “running/triathlon books” to our monthly budget.

Welp…this window got left open for a while. In that time, I have fielded three phone calls from my kids’ school, ate lunch, put a popcorn machine together (reminder: I’m a children’s librarian. Popcorn machine…yeah…), tidied the early literacy area, and relished in my painless hip. We are supposed to get severe weather in the area and thanks to social media we are all FREAKING OUT! My boys’ school cancelled their latch key program. So this mama gets to pick them up early!

Maybe I’ll squeeze in a run on the treadmill before Mr. Neon comes home!

Stay safe, watch the skies, and STAY NEON!

2 thoughts on “Ask Me!

  1. My library provides Overdrive (ebooks and audiobooks) as a free service to its patrons. You may want to see if your library provides this service. I mention it as I wanted to read all three of these books and checked my library’s Overdrive service and people other than myself had recommended adding it to this collection. I was even able to place a reserve and notification via email if and when purchased.


    1. My library is also my place of work. We do have Overdrive and our Overdrive books are now cataloged in our catalog, which is fantastic. I’m not a huge fan of ebooks myself. I prefer to hold a real book in my hand. Our library does interlibrary loans for free and encourages the service. It’s wonderful for libraries to share so that patrons can have access to that many more materials.


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