Bursitis. It’s still bursitis.

Except this time, the sports med ortho was able to bring in the long needle and do a deeper, more precise cortisone shot. He also handed me a script for physical therapy.

I had my first therapy appointment yesterday. One day after my cortisone shot. Not the best idea, because my lower back was wonky and my hip and glute hurt more than the bursitis did the day before.

She gave me two exercises to do as soon as the shot pain wore off. They are very similar to the workouts I found online for hip pain in runners. Basically I have weak medius gluteus. My side butt needs some strength work. I also need to work on stretching my hamstrings.

Yoga and strength training need to be permanent residents of my training program. Or PiYo which is the love child of yoga and strength training.

Sigh…I could have prevented this.

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