Fast Kids. Slow Mama.

Hello from the Planet Positivity! I’m trying over here, folks. Day 11 of no running, no biking, and very little anything else. I am getting a lot of sleep however, because that’s what happens when your Ironman-in-training husband falls asleep in the recliner at 9pm.

So how’s the hip? It still feels tight most of the time. Some days it’ll hurt first thing in the morning. Sometimes it’ll surprise me when I stand up from sitting too long and really jab at me. Sometimes I’ll forget about it and run out to the mailbox, only to feel the telltale tightness as my stride lengths.

But whatever. I have other things to write about.

Like the fact that I didn’t notice until I got home last night that I had only put on foundation and blush and walked around all day without eye make-up or mascara. Random.


I have a new favorite food. Raspberries! I bought a small container of them and took them to work. Best decision ever. I ate them over the course of two days and wasn’t tempted by anything else. I need to go to Costco and get a BIG container that will last me all week.


I converted both the computer I use out at our youth services kiosk and the computer at my cubicle (this one) to standing. I’m so glad that my bosses were on board with this change. We’ve all heard that sitting is the new smoking, but I’ve been reading that sitting could also be the cause of my injury. I got this injury after marathon training AND taking a full time job that incurred more sedentary time than I usually did.

I’ve also been trying to get 10,000 steps every day now that I’m not training. It’s been a bit of struggle some days. I turned the “move” alert back on my Garmin and make an effort to get up and walk around the building when it goes off. But the last two days at my standing desk hasn’t made the alert go off once. And frustratingly enough my weight has gone back down to goal weight. Why do I hang on to 3-4 extra pounds when I’m training?! It would be awesome if I could figure this out.


This is Runner Boy. This is Runner Boy with a broken arm. This is Runner Boy with a broken arm who ran a 21:47 5K last weekend. Runner Boy is my hero.


This is Tiny Boy. This is Tiny Boy running a 26:33 5K, which is a…wait for it…7:43 PR. Tiny Boy is BEAST!

As soon as the books I ordered last night arrive, I am going to take a picture of my “Running Bookshelf” and create a new page for this site. I have so many running books that I use to help train and answer my questions. I’ve never hired a coach. My books are my coach. And apparently when I’m injured I need lots more coaches. I went back and looked and I’ve ordered six running books this year. Oops.

Stay NEON!

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