I tried to think of a better title, but “ugh” is all I’ve got these days.

I made an appointment with a sports medicine ortho for the week after next. I cancelled my next chiro appointment. I still have that appointment with my regular doctor next week, but I might cancel it too. I’m sure all of these medical professions shake their head at me.


I turned to Dr. Google last night, and I still think my chiro might be correct. See that muscle called the TFL? It’s the devil. I think it’s causing most of my trouble. See how it attaches to my IT band? Also the devil. But I’m still worried there might be something more serious going on. The pain is mostly at the TFL area, but sometimes it radiates deeper. And it seems like everything I’m doing (minus 25 mile weeks) should be making the problem better, not worse.


I haven’t run since Saturday. That’s five days. I feel like crud. I’ve got a sore throat and a runny nose. I need to run. It’s my livelihood. So this just all around stinks. On the plus side, my house is really clean.


I was just getting into a good groove of loving running again. Of course, this has caused me to rethink EVERYTHING. I love 10Ks and sprint triathlons. Should I stick with that? Why do I keep pushing myself to run half marathons? I might be able to get fast and competitive at shorter distances. Why did I wait so long to run?! <—There’s the UGH…right there.

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