I imported all my old blog posts from OneBrownOneBlue, my first public blog. Well, I left out all the ones about cloth diapering and breastfeeding, my obsessions before I discovered the wonder of running. I had to go back through every post and fix broken images and weird formatting. I think I got all the glaring problems. If you find another one, just keep your mouth shut!

Soo…I wallowed in some self pity this morning. My hip hurts today. I did a harder workout on the treadmill, so that’s probably to blame. But I’m just tired of this pain. Some days it’s barely noticeable, but some days it just hurts to walk ten feet. Maybe it’s time for another doctor appointment and maybe an MRI, just to check that there isn’t something more serious hiding under this seemingly benign problem.

I guess I’m just worried that I’ll get told to rest it for several weeks. I don’t want to! Running feels so good. It’s just the after part that hurts. And I have all these races that I’m signed up for.

Ok…enough pity party! THIS happened yesterday morning. I finally broken double digits during a normal morning training ride. I feel like 14.0mph on the trainer could be a very big possibility by summer! I can’t wait to see what that translates for outside rides.


I’m still kicking myself that it took me so long to figure out XTing and riding my bike. Using the Garmin 235 and HR really helps me figure out how hard to push it.


And THIS is happening tonight. I tried letting it grow out, but my hair needs color for texture. Plus, there are a lot of grays poking their way out of my part. I need to cover those bad boys up!

Off to heat up a homemade carnitas bowl for lunch! STAY NEON!

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