Goal Update

I feel like so much is up in the air right now. Sometimes I’ll stand up and my hip barely registers on the pain scale and then I’ll stand up and the pain runs all the way down to my knee. Sometimes I’ll run and it hurts. Sometimes I’ll bike and it hurts. And sometimes I’ll do both and it doesn’t hurt! What on earth have I done to this leg of mine?!

I’m still running. I’m still biking. I guess those are both positives.

I feel like all of my goals are up in the air. I originally wanted to run 1000 miles in 2016. I worried that goal was shot with my hip issue, but I’m actually running MORE miles on the 80/20 plan than I am when I was doing on the Run Less, Run Faster plan.wp-1456952113479.jpgI love the goals widget on the Garmin Connect dashboard. I have three set up right now. Originally I just had the 1000 Run in 2016 set up, but I needed some additional motivation. I’m still on track to achieve ALL of these goals. The one named just “1000” will probably get adjusted once my race season starts. I’m beginning to wonder if 2000 miles total is attainable!

The speed goals are what I am worried are out the window. Can I break a 2-hour half with a bum hip? Can I even break an hour in the 10K again?!

My race season starts this weekend. I have a 10K called the Sweet Escape. It’s an all women’s race and there’s wine and chocolate at the end! Sign me up! I’m supposed to do my first double digit long run (10 miles) this Sunday. It’s the same day as the race, but the race doesn’t start until 5pm. I’m thinking I’ll do the 10 on Saturday and the 10K nice and easy on Sunday. That’s as long as my chiro appointment tomorrow goes well.

The diet revamp is going well. I’m working my way through the Race Weight book. I’m using My Fitness Pal again to track calories. I figured out a trick with it. I enter all my meals for my day as far as I know after I’ve eaten breakfast. I plan my snacks, my lunch and even my dinner. I’m no longer frustrated at the end of the day when I only have 400 calories left for dinner!

Do you calories count? Does it work for you?

Stay neon!

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