I tried to think of a better title, but “ugh” is all I’ve got these days.

I made an appointment with a sports medicine ortho for the week after next. I cancelled my next chiro appointment. I still have that appointment with my regular doctor next week, but I might cancel it too. I’m sure all of these medical professions shake their head at me.


I turned to Dr. Google last night, and I still think my chiro might be correct. See that muscle called the TFL? It’s the devil. I think it’s causing most of my trouble. See how it attaches to my IT band? Also the devil. But I’m still worried there might be something more serious going on. The pain is mostly at the TFL area, but sometimes it radiates deeper. And it seems like everything I’m doing (minus 25 mile weeks) should be making the problem better, not worse.


I haven’t run since Saturday. That’s five days. I feel like crud. I’ve got a sore throat and a runny nose. I need to run. It’s my livelihood. So this just all around stinks. On the plus side, my house is really clean.


I was just getting into a good groove of loving running again. Of course, this has caused me to rethink EVERYTHING. I love 10Ks and sprint triathlons. Should I stick with that? Why do I keep pushing myself to run half marathons? I might be able to get fast and competitive at shorter distances. Why did I wait so long to run?! <—There’s the UGH…right there.

The Runner Who Cannot Run

Well, folks. I’m out of commission. I finally had to face facts. It’s time to take a break to heal this darn hip. I have an appointment with my regular doctor next Wednesday, but I’m thinking of skipping right to the sports medicine doc that took care of Mr. Neon’s knee last year. I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get any serious answers without an MRI. I’ve tried everything else.

As much as this sucks, I’m trying to embrace it. Ok…whatever…I’m not embracing. I’m wallowing. I’m whining. (Poor Mr. Neon!) Not only does my hip hurt just to walk, but I’m mad at myself for letting it get this bad. I’m mad at myself for thinking that it would go away on it’s own, that I could run through it, and that I could continue to make gains without any setbacks.

And now I can’t run…shouldn’t run.

The straw that broke the camel’s back…I went out for a PR at the Easter Sun Run 10K this weekend. And I got one. I was secretly hoping for 55:00 (8:51 pace). I think I could have done it, except my hip started hurting after the first mile. I know the feeling of running at the limit of my legs and my lungs, but I had yet to experience running at the limit of an injury. I pushed through the pain and just kept my legs on treadmill mode. I managed a 57:47, which is an 11sec PR. At mile 4, I told myself if I could finish this race, I wasn’t going to run the half marathon next weekend, or maybe even the next one after that. Crazy things happen to your brain when you are in the middle of a race and in a massive ball of pain.

So what’s the plan to keep myself from going crazy:

  1. MyFitnessPal. I’m logging every calorie. I tend to lose a couple of pounds after a training cycle. My appetite should be under more control since I won’t be running, so I should be able to drop this nagging weight.
  2. PiYo. As much as I love sleeping in, I love getting up for an early morning workout even more. I’ve written out a plan for the next 8 weeks. And if I can run within these next 8 weeks, then maybe it’ll get me into a regular PiYo habit again!
  3. Try cycling and the elliptical. In the last couple of weeks, cycling has made it hurt a tiny bit. I’m not sure if that was just residual pain from running the day before. After a full week off, I’ll try low impact cardio. I need to sweat!

The next race that I cannot miss is the Bill Snyder Highway Half on May 22nd. That gives me almost two months to heal. Fingers crossed…


I imported all my old blog posts from OneBrownOneBlue, my first public blog. Well, I left out all the ones about cloth diapering and breastfeeding, my obsessions before I discovered the wonder of running. I had to go back through every post and fix broken images and weird formatting. I think I got all the glaring problems. If you find another one, just keep your mouth shut!

Soo…I wallowed in some self pity this morning. My hip hurts today. I did a harder workout on the treadmill, so that’s probably to blame. But I’m just tired of this pain. Some days it’s barely noticeable, but some days it just hurts to walk ten feet. Maybe it’s time for another doctor appointment and maybe an MRI, just to check that there isn’t something more serious hiding under this seemingly benign problem.

I guess I’m just worried that I’ll get told to rest it for several weeks. I don’t want to! Running feels so good. It’s just the after part that hurts. And I have all these races that I’m signed up for.

Ok…enough pity party! THIS happened yesterday morning. I finally broken double digits during a normal morning training ride. I feel like 14.0mph on the trainer could be a very big possibility by summer! I can’t wait to see what that translates for outside rides.


I’m still kicking myself that it took me so long to figure out XTing and riding my bike. Using the Garmin 235 and HR really helps me figure out how hard to push it.


And THIS is happening tonight. I tried letting it grow out, but my hair needs color for texture. Plus, there are a lot of grays poking their way out of my part. I need to cover those bad boys up!

Off to heat up a homemade carnitas bowl for lunch! STAY NEON!

New Look

NeonRunnerGirl got an update. Sort of. When I initially started this blog, I used GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting. I used a coupon code and got two years really cheap. I renewed it once, but this time it’s just not in the budget. I wasn’t really using any of the paid hosting features, so I imported the whole blog over to a free wordpress site that I smartly saved and left empty if I ever needed it. The theme that I was using was no longer available, which makes sense that it was acting funny and no longer updating.

I’m still working out the kinks. I kept the domain and just directed it to the blog. I didn’t want to lose my .com identity! I deleted all my tags and categories and have plans to rework them. A fresh look might encourage me to post more. (Pipe dream, I’m sure.)

When it starts to click…

I love being on a training plan. LOVE it. The motivation is right there in front of me. I’m not asking myself the question: “Should I get up and run this morning or should I let my second alarm do it’s job?” I don’t have to think about what kind of work out I want to do. Of course, there is some freedom, like any of my foundation runs could be subbed out for an equal amount of XTing. And I add stretching, foam rolling, and yoga to rest days.

I’m on week 6 of the level 2 half marathon plan of 80/20 Running and I’m hooked. I am consistently hitting 20+ miles per week and not feeling like I’m dying and everything hurts at the end of the week. This week especially I feel like I’m cruising. Tuesday I did a Fast Finish run and I didn’t quite make it into Z3 for the last ten minutes like I was supposed to. Yesterday I did a 40min cycle substituted for a recovery run and struggled to get my HR all the way into Z1. And then today I ran a 40min Foundation Run and could barely keep my heartrate in Z2. I think it’s time to bump up the paces for my zones.

Does anyone else have this happen? It’s like my cardio all of a sudden catches up. My RHR continues to drop. It was hanging out around 48bmp for several weeks, but in the last week it’s worked it’s way down to 45bmp and after the last two 50 days come off, I bet it’ll drop another point or two.

Whatever is going on, I will take it! My eating has been VERY good the last couple of days. If I map out my breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and leave myself enough calories for dinner, avoiding any extra snacks or treats, then I do REALLY well. Let’s just hope I can keep it up through the weekend. That’s when I really struggle.

I went to the chiro again today. He said there’s still one tight spot in my hip. It’s definitely doing better every week. The cortisone shot has surely worn off by now and I am definitely not experiencing the level of pain I was before it. I just need to stay diligent and do my stretches and foam roll and omniball all the sore spots. In a way, this hip thing has taught me that I need to be proactive in stretching and foam rolling. Running is so much more enjoyable when it feels good during AND after.

Stay NEON!

Bad Mom. Better Mom.

I’ll give you a hint. When I stop posting as frequently, something is in turmoil in my life. It’s been eight days. Turmoil is happening.

Runner Boy has been having some social issues at school on and off for a month now. It reached a head about a week ago. I was mad. I was disappointed. I didn’t understand. He’s a good student. He’s a good kid. He just developed some bad habits. Part of me wanted to shake him. Why was he acting this way? We raised him to treat people with respect. We taught the golden rule. So where had we gone wrong?!

Kids have phases. Parents have phases. Life is a process. We never stop growing and changing. But I also know that a problem with a kid is rarely a problem with the kid. Mr. Neon and I had to face facts. We haven’t been the best of parents lately. We stare at our screens too much. We yell too much. We lose our cool too fast. We don’t eat dinner at the dinner table. We don’t make the every day things fun. We don’t laugh enough.

So what have we done? We’ve been staring at our screens less. We eat dinner at the dinner table. We take more deep breaths. We try to look at the world through our kids’ eyes. We laugh as much as possible. We hug more.

Even my resting HR is liking the changes we are making!

And we are having some success. Everything in life seems to go at a breakneck pace, except when you are trying to make positive changes. The boys are having happier days. Several days out of the week we hear Runner Boy declare “Today is the best day ever!” Let’s hope for more best days ever!

A Mom/Boy date to Jimmy John’s! They wanted to sit on the same side of the table. That NEVER happens.

Running and biking are still happening. I ran 12 miles on the TM this past Saturday. Why does every mile after 10 have to hurt so darn bad?! My hip was mostly ok, but my left IT band was SCREAMING. It actually continued to hurt on Sunday and I skipped my recovery bike/run. I also took full use of my actual honest-to-goodness rest day on Monday and stretched and foam rolled like nobody’s business!

I’m still on this darn weight roller coast. I’ll do really well for three or four days, and I’ll see the scale start to dip in the right direction. Then long run day will happen, I will eat everything within a 10 mile radius and it will begin it’s climb again. It’s a cycle that must be stopped. Ugh.

I wore my 2XU shorts for the first time on my bike today. Oh my goodness…where have they been all my life?! The waist band is wide. The chamois is soft. The leg holes stay put. I am hooked. Too bad they cost $85!! I have now ridden my bike at least once every week for the last 8 weeks. I’d say we have formed a habit. Cycling is getting easier. I’m turning over a higher RPM in the same gear and having to ramp up the gear to get my HR out of zone 1. Neat stuff. I’m excited to see what this will mean for my races this summer. I’ve still got another month before my first outdoor triathlon.

I got Sexy some new PINK race tires. I can’t wait to put them on her! She’ll be so stylin’ this summer! I’ll definitely post a picture once I put them on. She’s already colorful with her teal and pink bottle holders.

Off to figure out what to make for dinner! Stay NEON!


I’ll just leave this right here.


42.47 miles! 24.8 running. Wow. This body of mine is surprising me. And yes, that is a training distance PR. I’ve never hit more than 40 in a week, even when I was triathlon training two summers ago. I told myself I wanted to get back into triathlon shape and while the scale isn’t quite where I want it, the speed and strength are definitely coming along. I rode my bike this morning as substitute for a foundation run and it was surprisingly easy in the same gear that I have been using on the trainer. I’ll take it!

The hip still aches after runs, but it is becoming much less noticeable. I was prepared for the absolute worst after my 10 miler on Saturday, but it surprised me. I stretched it out at every stop light and made a huge effort to stretch it multiple times the rest of the day. I was even able to run a 10K with my Mom and Bestie the next day. More on that later.

I’m on a 9 day streak of using MyFitnessPal to log my food intake. I haven’t seen as much improvement as I hoped, but to be honest I’ve caught myself cheating a bit here or there. I had three really good days in a row where I logged every single thing. The weekend derailed that, especially Saturday when I felt like I could eat whatever I wanted. Nope. I still need to eat clean(ish) and keep my treat foods to small portions.

So that 10K…first “race” of 2016. I knew that after running 10 on Saturday, I would be in no shape to run 6 miles hard. I decided to run with my mom and my bestie at their pace. It made the race a heck of a lot more enjoyable. There was absolutely no race anxiety, which I have been plagued with for about 18 months now. I realized about halfway through the run that I hadn’t even thought about bringing fuel or a water bottle. I didn’t even bring my beloved, never-leave-home-without-it BASE salt. It felt just like a spur of the moment 6er at 5pm with my favorite girls. I need to do more races like that. Just for fun. No PR pressure.


And now for something completely random, but it’s exciting in my world. Check out my new tote bag! Ever since high school I have felt like my life has been a mission to find the “perfect purse.” It’s a struggle to be sure. At different times in my life, I have carried a different size and variety of stuff. When I got pregnant with Runner Boy, I bought a traditional diaper bag, but I quickly realized I didn’t like it. I just used big purses and would shove diapers, small toys, and wipes in it. Fast forward to post-potty-training, I bought cute little bags that just held my phone, cards, and chapstick. That is all fine and good, except I like to have my training binder, my Believe journal, a running book, and a for-pleasure book with me too. After an exhaustive search and too much money according to Mr. Neon, I FINALLY caved and bought a Lands End zip-top tote. This is the medium size. It has a bunch of pockets on the inside and a big place for me to keep all my books organized. I dig it!


Are you tote bag obsessed? Do you have race anxiety? Is this post random enough for you?

Stay neon!