Happiness happens on the road.


Happiness happens on the road. Not at the destination. My grandpa is a very poetic man.

This week has been a tough one in the Neon Runner household. We had two deaths in the family. Mr. Neon’s aunt and my great uncle. I feel like it’s the beginning of a tough time. That generation is aging and eventually we are going to have to say goodbye to them. AND I DON’T WANT TO! These are the people who molded me into the person I am today. They are the people who taught me generosity, compassion, humor, love, and how to bait a fishing hook. That generation is so cool. My kids don’t know a world without smart phones, but my grandparents know a world before TV, before space exploration, and before pizza delivery!

Hip still hurts. Last week it really felt better, but then it took a slide over the weekend. I slacked on stretching it on Friday and Saturday. My 6 miles on Sunday felt long. My legs were just trashed. When I went back to fill in my Believe Journal, I realized I ran 5 days in a row. Whoops! I probably should have biked on Saturday, but Mr. Neon had his first long bike and monopolized the trainer. Juggling two training plans is taking a bit to get used to. I just need to get in the habit of checking his first and then deciding if I want to swap for a XT day. His workouts take precedence right now, because…well…Ironman.

I biked this morning. I can feel different parts of my legs getting stronger. I’m really encouraged once triathlon season hits. Now I just need to talk myself into squeezing a swim in each weekend. I also need to get back into strength training, which means getting up an extra 30 minutes early. Why is that so hard?! It’s just 30 minutes!

I’m back to counting calories. I really hoped that regular 7-days-a-week working out, as opposed to hard workouts three days a week, would level out my eating habits and my weight. But it hasn’t. The scale has crept back up again. And it’s in my face every time I open my Garmin Connect app thanks to our Garmin Smart Index Scale. Ugh. I’m reading this right now, hoping it’ll give me some encouragement. It did help me establish a slightly more aggressive goal, which is a full 3lbs below my lowest weight.


Tiny Boy had a fantastic 7th birthday. He got everything he asked for, including a Little Live Pet bird. I didn’t even know how badly he wanted that thing. I gotta admit…it’s pretty cute. He also got a Garmin 15, after finishing his seven miles over seven days birthday run. I’m pretty proud of that little kid. XC practices start Saturday. This mama is READY!


Anyone else struggling with weight and training? Why do oreos have to taste so good? And why do I keep buying them?!

Stay neon!!

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