Falling Back in Love

Confession time: I fell out of love with running.

Ok…so that might not be a total confession, because I’m sure some of you surmised that just by reading my posts from the end of 2015. Marathon training destroyed my love of running. I stopped looking forward to my workouts and instead completely and utterly dreaded them. But I had paid the registration fee, and I was going to run that marathon. I put my nose (er…feet) to the grindstone and got the workouts done. When it was over, I quit. I told myself I needed to keep running, because I was a runner and that’s what people knew me as. But the passion was gone.

I love food though and I love getting sweaty, and no matter what other type of exercise I try, nothing gets me going quite like running. I’m so thankful I found 80/20 running, because I have once again fallen completely and totally 100% in love with running!

I realized this fact during my easy peasy lemon squeazy 40minute Foundation Run this morning during my quiet, dark treadmill run. My heartrate settled happily into Zone 2.5. The sweat was collecting on the small of my back. My breathing was controlled. And then the grin started…ear to ear…bliss. I was running and I was enjoying it. I wasn’t waiting for the moment that I could jump off. I was just enjoying the burn and the feeling of flying. Before I knew it, the 40 minutes was up. My mind was clear. The stress of starting another day was gone. I was ready to get going and kick butt!


I go back to the chiropractor this afternoon. I’m anxious to see how my hip is progressing. The pain is very minimal, during and after running. I hope I can keep pushing through it and that it doesn’t flair again. This is my last training week without a 10+ mile long run. Can I tell you excited I am for all these 10+ milers?! 10 is one of my favorite distances to run…not sure why.

What’s your favorite training distance? Stay neon!

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