A New Runner

Progress! My hip felt so good yesterday and this morning that I decided to risk a tiny bit of speedwork. I’ve been skipping it, subbing in more easy runs or XTing. This morning I did my Fast Finish Run. 5min in Z1. 20min in Z2. 10min in Z3. I’d say I did pretty good.


I’m using the McMillan run calculator to figure my paces and then double checking it with HR. It’s working beautifully and I’m having great results. I ran the 10min in Z3 at a 6.5 on the TM (9:13 pace) and it felt pretty good! Hip is just a tiny bit sore now that I’ve been going from sitting to standing at work. Stretching and rolling helps as always. I go back to the chiro tomorrow for another adjustment.

I am really loving the 80/20 running plan. This is my third week, and I’m already feeling so much more confident and happy with my running. I look forward to it, instead of dreading it. The more consistent workouts is making me feel better about my body as well. I’m seeing more definition in areas, and my weight isn’t yo-yo-ing anymore. That book came along just at the right time. Thank goodness Mr. Neon decided to do an Ironman and I discovered the brilliance of Matt Fitzgerald.

In other news, Tiny Boy’s birthday is this coming Sunday. My baby is going to be SEVEN! How did that happen?! To celebrate he’s doing a birthday run and has pledged to run one mile every day from Monday through Sunday on our homemade XC course. Is there anything more adorable than tiny people running? And looking amazing while they do it. I think he’s hoping that this run will encourage us to get him the Garmin that he has been begging for. Little does he know I already ordered it! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it.


Here’s Tiny Boy running at Regionals with Mr. Neon chasing alongside in the background.

XC season starts back up next weekend. I’m so excited. These kids inspire the heck out of me. I’m also looking forward to running with them a lot more now that I’m not so obsessed with marathon training and specific Run Less, Run Faster workouts.

Anyone else a XC parent? Do your kids run with you? Can you keep up? 🙂 Stay neon!

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