25 miles

So apparently the hip injury that I have been whining about doesn’t appear to be holding me back. I ran a whopping 25 miles last week. Oops. So much for taking it easy…

To be honest, I didn’t increase my mileage dramatically. I missed my long run last Sunday, so it got moved to Monday. So technically it was only an 18 mile week. But you have to go back to the first week of November to find mileage close to that.


The chiropractor appointment went great. He really worked my hip and my IT band. He said that the issue isn’t necessarily bursitis, but a really tight TFL muscle. Of course, now that he has told me this, the problem definitely feels more muscle than tendon. It just feels sore, bruised, tight, and just like a badly pulled muscle. It’s no wonder that all the stretches I’ve been doing have been helping the problem. It’s just going to take a few more adjustments and time to heal. Thankfully running does not seem to make the problem worse. More often than not it makes it feel better. I am still sore after runs and have pain upon standing, but I know what stretches and which spots to rub to make it better. I also got my pelvis adjusted during the appointment. No doubt it’s been out of whack since Tiny Boy’s birth. It was like popcorn when he popped it. I felt like I was walking on a cloud the rest of the day!


This little guy has been my best friend. I take it everywhere with me. It’s perfect for massaging those sore spots and get me moving pain free again. Seriously, get one. I ordered mine from Amazon for about $11. Cheaper than a stick or a foam roller. And much more portable.

In other news, I signed up for two triathlons this summer. I want to do at least two more, so I’ve got some thinking to do about which ones. I love watching my race calendar fill up. I’m doing WAY MORE races this year than last year. Hopefully it’ll get me over my insane race anxiety that I developed in the last 18 months.

Off to eat an apple. Stay neon!

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