Doctor, Doctor

Apparently I don’t like following my own advice. I have been complaining of my sore hip for 28 days now. My husband tells me to call the doctor. My mom tells me to call the doctor. My coworkers tell me to call the doctor. Fine…I’ll call a doctor. I have an appointment for Monday. We’ll see what she says. Until then I’ve been doing some stretches recommended by Runner’s World for bursitis / it band syndrome. They feel good, but I’m not sure they are helping.

I’ve ridden my bike once this week already and did PiYo this morning. I want to run so badly though. It doesn’t help that my Brooks Racey 7″ shorts came yesterday and oh, they are glorious. Just long enough to prevent chaffing, but short enough to be comfortable and cute. They have the perfect wide waistband too!

I hope we can figure out what’s going on with my hip because I have races that I’ve signed up for! I just signed up for my first 10K of the year. The Sweet Escape 10K was moved up from May to March. It was miserably hot last year and I wasn’t planning on doing it. But there’s wine and chocolate at the finish line AND I had a $10 off code. SIGN ME UP!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my Garmin 235. Here’s my review in a nutshell: I LOVE IT! I started with a Garmin 110 and quickly graduated to a 220. It served me faithfully for two years. I get wellness points through work and the easiest way for me to get my daily workout points is to turn in my steps. I get points for every day I go over 10,000, which I do probably 80% of the month. Before the 235 I was wearing a Garmin Vivosmart, a Mio Link HR monitor, AND the 220. That’s a lot of things on my tiny little child-sized wrists. Add in my RoadID and I’ll admit it looked a little silly. The Garmin 235 does all of these things in one device.


Other non-training features I like:

  1. Alarm: You can set multiple alarms. Vibrate or beep or both! I don’t use my phone alarm anymore. Just my Garmin. It wakes me more gently.
  2. Resting HR: I’m beginning to notice than when I’m stressed or I don’t feel good, it creeps up just a tad. It’s a nice heads up to take a few extra moments to relax or do some extra self care.
  3. Smart notifications: You can customize them to only receive certain notifications. I currently just get texts and calls. I can leave my phone on silent at my cubicle and can still get notices from friends and family when I’m out at the library kiosk. I used to constantly miss calls from my husband because I forgot to turn my ringer on! That’s not a problem anymore.


The new 35 series of Garmins are just awesome. The continuous HR gives me pretty accurate readings on most things. The race predictors seem a bit ambitious, but my current fitness level needs some serious work. The recovery time and Vo2 max estimations are quite accurate now that I am followed the 80/20 plan. My easy runs truly are easy and my recovery time is usually less than 24 hours when I run the paces that 80/20 recommends.

I’m still discovering some features, like Indoor and Outdoor cycling settings. Garmin is recognizing that more runners are using cycling as XTing and they added bike sensor possibilities. I used it Tuesday morning when I did an early morning trainer ride. I need to set up my data screens and adjust some settings before it works perfectly.

Note: Garmin did not provide any compensation for this review. I purchased the Garmin 235 with my own money.

Stay Neon!

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