Being injured at the beginning of a training plan is new territory for me, but after yesterday’s long run I had to face facts. I’m dealing with IT Band Syndrome. And it sucks.

It started at the New Year’s Day 5K. My hip was cranky afterwards. That pain has been come and go since. It doesn’t hurt when I run, just afterwards when I’ve been sitting and then stand up and walk. Mr. Neon and I set out yesterday for a 6 mile long run. I did a threshold heartrate test the first 20 minutes using the PEAR sports app, recommended by 80/20 running. All was good until mile 4. The outside of my left knee started to hurt. I had to stop twice and then at the last stop light, Mr. Neon told me to find a windbreak to hide behind and he would run the last half mile and get the car. It’s definitely it band, because once I stopped running and stretched, my knee stopped hurting and then my hip starting hurting. I limped through most of the afternoon and evening. Today it feels better, but I know if I try to run again it’ll hurt. I’m making good friends with my foam roller again.

I feel like I’m starting over. I’m making newbie mistakes. Not stretching enough. Not hydrating properly. Not foam rolling. Not XTing or strength training. When I started running, I did all of these things and my progress was fluid. I have stalled. I need to get back to basics.

When I’m stressed/depressed/sick/annoyed, I online shop. I ordered several new running goodies.


Brooks Racey 7″ Shorts. Mr. Neon told me to order ONE pair and if I love them as much as I think I will, I can order more. He’s so good to me.


New Blender Bottles. I refuse to drink protein or other powdered supplements without a Blender Bottle. I needed some 28oz ones for my BASE Rocket Fuel! I use the little 22oz ones to drink my morning protein shake snack at work.

fila vest

I have wanted a running vest forever. I got a Kohl’s 30% off code with my last peelie, so I snagged this for $14.00 shipped!

base hydro

Crossing my fingers this is here tomorrow! Being a BASE athlete this year is going to rock. I’ve been using their salt for over six months now and started using the aminos about a month ago. I can’t wait for my Hydro to arrive so I can make some Rocket Fuel to get me through my early morning workouts. 1-2 scoops hydro, 1 scoop aminos, 1 scoop salt. I’ve read so much about switching to a liquid based fuel and I think this stuff is going to do the trick!

I am pledging to not run this week. Just cycling and PiYo strength. I’m going to set up my bike on the trainer tonight so I can get up and do 40 minutes on the bike instead of a 40 minute Foundation Run that’s on the schedule. No excuses!

Stay neon, my friends!

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