2016 Goals

This post took me longer than it usually does. I am doing something new this year. I have given up Daily Mile. When I started running, my mom told me to use Daily Mile to log my runs to track my progress. For 2.5ish years, I faithfully logged every mile on DM. But I still logged everything on Garmin. And this year I decided to go back to a paper log, so that I can journal a bit as I go. So I got one of these bad boys…


Mine is signed on the inside by Lauren Fleshman. Yes, I get giddy knowing this journal that I hold in my hands daily was once in the hands of Lauren Fleshman.

Logging runs in three places isn’t something I want to spend my time on, so Daily Mile had to go. So for all of you on facebook who are worried about me because I’m not sharing my runs, never fear, they are still happening!

The front of this book has a place for four goals. It took me a while to write them down. Writing them down is so permanent. It took some guts to write one of my 2016 goals down.


This one. I think I’m finally ready to tackle this. It’s going to hurt, but I will get faster in 2016. WAY faster.

So here’s the rest of them.

Running/Fitness goals for 2016:

  1. Run a sub-2hour half marathon. I’ve got two fall races that I will attempt this at.
  2. Run 1000 miles. Third times a charm, right?
  3. Four summer triathlons. This is to encourage XTing more than anything. And because that BASE tri kit needs to get some use!
  4. Abs and Strength training. The weight room is intimidating.
  5. Food is fuel. I need to readopt this outlook.

Life goals for 2016:

  1. Relax. Destress. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  2. Meditate. I bought a year of HeadSpace a while back and don’t use it nearly as much as I should.
  3. Do one thing fun as a family per month that doesn’t involve running.
  4. Money. I’m going to be a little vague here, but we made some big progress in 2015 with our spending, saving, and paying down debt. I want to continue that trend.
  5. Catch up on all the little projects. I will make a list soon.

So there ya go. Life is a learning process!

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