Bye Bye 2015


I had this horrible feeling that 2015 was a complete flop and that I achieved none of my goals. It was very reassuring when I dug back through my posts and realized that I was dead wrong. So here’s 2015 in review.

I ran 9 races, including 2 half marathons, 1 marathon, and 1 triathlon. I set a new PR in the 10K and an automatic PR in the marathon. I ran a total 841 miles.

And here’s a look at my running goals that I wrote on January 7, 2015.

1. Run a full marathon. Prairie Fire…here I come! I’ve already registered for October 11th.
Yep! It may not have been pretty, but my first marathon is under my belt.
2. 1000 miles. I’m gonna do it this year!
No! Third time’s a charm? I ran almost 100 more than 2014, so I’m making progress.
3. Sub 1hour 10K. It’s gonna happen!
It happened! I kicked the Easter Sun Run’s butt and ran a 57:58!
4. Half Marathon PR. As much as I’d love to run a sub-2hr half, I’m not sure that’s entirely feasible just yet. I at least want to PR and get as close to 2 hours as I can.
I didn’t have a half PR in 2015. Racing in the spring is not my forte.
5. Focus on XTing. Swimming and biking, for sure. But I also want to figure out some kind of strength routine. I also want to take some classes from our Y. I’ve highlighted a spin class, muscle pump, and intermediate yoga to start with.
I did well the first half of the year, but then fell apart in the summer when I switched to my full time position at the library.

And now for the general life goals from 2015.

1. Less screen time. I am so guilty of just staring mindlessly at my phone. I’m not proud of it.
     I’m going to call this one a flat out FAILURE.
2. Downsize. I want to declutter our house and get rid of stuff. Stuff we don’t need. Stuff we don’t use. Be more efficient.
This is happening. We have decluttered about a third of the house and are making big gains every free moment we have as a family to go through things and toss, donate, or rehome what we don’t need.
3. Learn about wine. Maybe even take a class?
I read a couple of books about wine. And I drank a lot of it, so I’m going to call this one a WIN!
4. Be more present with my children. This one definitely ties in with no. 1.
Parenting is a process. Sigh…
5. Blog. Twitter. Facebook. ALL. THINGS. RUNNING. Ha!
Hmm…I had my moments. I did really well with Instagram!

Alright, 2015…you were a challenging beast. There were ups and downs, but I’d call it a good year. Stay tuned for my 2016 goals!

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