Comeback Kid

Do you remember when I wrote that I was going to blog every day in November? Do you remember when I wrote that I was going to finish out my 1000 miles in 2015? Do you remember when I wrote that after I finished the 3-day Refresh that I was going to follow the 21 Day Fix?

You don’t? Oh… I guess I just said those things in my head and didn’t put them on the blog. And you know how that goes. Neon Runner Girl doesn’t actually follow through unless I put it on the blog. Remember the marathon? Sure, you do! I haven’t stopped talking about it yet.

So what’s new? (These are apparently the only kind of posts I’m good at. Checking in every month or so.)

  1. The tattoo is finished. I also got another tattoo that then got an infection in it. It’s healed now…mostly. I’ll post pictures later. (I promise!)
  2. I fell harder in love with my job. If that’s even possible! My storytime attendance is through the roof. I found my niche. It’s a good feeling. I also moved my computer to the corner of my cubicle. Is that news? It sure made my day!
  3. I got a new phone. A Note5. It’s so pretty, and it has a stylus. I wasn’t due for an upgrade for six more months, but I called and talked Verizon into it. Not really. We’ve been Verizon customers for 10+ years, and loyal customers get rewarded if they are brave enough to call and ask. Add that to the “things that don’t suck about getting older” column.
  4. We drove 25 hours, through 5 states, in four days to watch Runner Boy run for 9 minutes and Tiny Boy run for 12 minutes at Coaches XC Nationals in Lexington, KY. We look forward to holding this over their head for years to come! 25 hours in the car…and you don’t think we love you?! Nice try, kiddo!
  5. I got a new fridge. I don’t think I have to tell you all how happy it makes my foodie, clean-eating loving heart. Hashtag nomorefrozenspinach. I also switched to reusable shopping bags. I could write a separate post just about them. I probably will soon!

Here’s some Nationals XC pictures to tide you over until my next post, which at this rate won’t be until 2016.

Runner Boy’s last 2K race. He ages up next year and will have four years to CRUSH the 3K!

Flying! He asked for the Sam Hunt haircut before our trip. He’s a stud.

Big brother could take some form lessons from Tiny Boy.

Tiny Boy took 17th out of 20th, which landed him on the stage with a plaque in his hand. So proud of this little guy!

The post race glow. These pictures were taken by another Flying Angels mom, who Tiny Boy absolutely adores. You can tell by his smile.

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