Groceries and More Taper Whining

Two more tempo runs.
One more track workout.
One more long run. (Although I hardly consider 8 long anymore.)

That’s it. Then I run a marathon. 26.2 miles. Woah.

In other news, grocery shopping just got a little more fun around the Neon Runner house.

Here’s the aside… I love grocery shopping. I know lots of you out there dread it. But I LOVE it. Unless I have to take both of the boys with me, and then I’d rather go to the dentist. Sometimes I meal plan and make beautiful lists. Other times I just wing in and throw stuff in the cart that inspires me to cook yummy things. I’m a bit of a foodie, a bit of a picky foodie. I love to read labels and find new foods to try.

We frequent several grocery stores. I get most of our food at Dillons, our local Kroger affiliated mega store. I also get a few things at Target and Walmart. We tend to do a weekly Costco trip for “protein, carbs, and veggies in large quantities.” Mr. Neon’s words as he loads the trunk. Chicken boobs, ground beef, bagels, and spinach…every week. And then there’s Whole Foods and Green Acres, our two favorite organic stops.

But we made a new discovery last week. Amazon Prime Pantry. I found it because I was looking for these.


I love the regular green packaged ones and the dark chocolate ones, but Nature Valley won me over with apple. I did a search for them and they popped up on Amazon and then I discovered Prime Pantry.


Wait…I can load up a box of canned and boxed goodies and Amazon will ship it to me? YES! It took me a bit to fill my box to 100% with things that were priced well, things we would actually use, and things that we actually needed. I got some good deals on harder to find things. It’s a BIG box too. Here’s Tiny Boy (a tiny 37lbs six-year-old) sitting on our box that arrived yesterday afternoon. It was packaged well, except one bag of our animal crackers was popped. We ate it while we were unpacking the box, so no harm done there!

I should have taken a picture of it all unloaded. We got eight boxes of pasta (Tiny Boy was thrilled that we found mezza rigatoni and large shells! He’s a pasta snob!), several boxes of cereal (hello, Cascadian Farms!), a couple boxes of the above mentioned granola bars, paper towels, kitchen sponges, some new animal crackers to try, Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal at a STEAL, BBQ sauce (It was on the list!), a GIANT tub of cocoa powder (also on the list), taco shells for a buck (dinner tonight!), and several other things I can’t think of right now. Oh…the big snack size things of Pringles (a post race treat…restock the body’s sodium fast!) and some vegan ramen noodle cups. (Mr. Neon said “ew.”)


How cute is he?! He loves to help unload groceries and loves to help cook as well. Ladies…take note. He already knows how to make my famous enchiladas.

So let me know…have you tried Amazon Prime Pantry yet? There’s a flat rate shipping fee of 5.99, but they are almost always running a deal to get free shipping depending on what you throw in your cart.

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