Me Against the World

I think the world is against me this week. Our children programming started back up at work. (For the NRG noobs, I’m a children’s librarian.) This is my first session being in charge of planning and presenting storytime. Big time stuff. I can’t really miss work. So what happens? Runner Boy gets sick.

I was halfway through my 8 mile marathon pace tempo run this morning on the treadmill when I was informed his sore throat from the night before (it’s just allergies…nope!) was worse and he was running a low grade fever. Great… I scrambled, got my mom to watch him in the morning, had a blast doing my second weekly session of storytime, and then took him to the doctor in the afternoon. Diagnosis: tonsillitis and sinus infection. Wee! He was given a z-pack, which I’m about 99% sure he’s had before. But 30 minutes after he took the first dose, nausea hit. I dosed him with a leftover zofran, and his stomach calmed down. He’s eating cinnamon toast right now.

20 miler this weekend. I cannot get sick. And honestly, I feel off. Not sure if it’s sympathy illness, my cycle (darn womanhood), or just rundown normal stuff.

I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick.

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