Weekly Catch-Up

Week of August 3rd
Brooks…why did you change the PureCadence3 and then the PureCadence4?! My feet are not happy with you.

Week of August 10th
Cucumbers and injinji socks…where have you been all my life? Also…15 miles on the treadmill…yeah, I’m awesome!


Week of August 17th
I got an iPad at to use at storytime at work, read two books, and sent a third grader and first grader off to school. Oh…and ran a lot of miles.


Week of August 24th
I ran 10 miles before work. I did a triathlon without training. And National Dog Day made me smile.

Week of August 31st.
I finish August with 118 miles. I’d only previously had one month with 100+ miles and it was 100.something. BIG month. We went to NYC and didn’t want to come home. Nephews are cute and public transportation is awesome.


Week of September 7th
I missed my 18 miler. The ERs in NY are very efficient. I did not have a blood clot in my calf. Running did allow me to bounce back from our trip fast. Grocery shopping and laundry FTW. I started Headspace meditation. Runner Boy does it with me. It’s helping us both. More on this soon, I hope.

This week…
Children programming at work started back up this week. I got back on track with marathon training. We run 20 miles this Saturday. I’m scared. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m excited.

There ya go. No more dragging me feet in updating because it will “take too long.”

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