Update…I’M DOING IT!

Sometimes I feel like my life is in a constant state of flux. Something is always changing. And I have to wonder…am I the cause of the change or are there external forces that are forcing my hand? I don’t know. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. It just seems to be the way I function…always looking for a better way to do things. Housework, library work, money management, running, eating.

The good news is that lately it seems like the changes I have made in 2015 are working. My hashtag for marathon training is #dohardthings and lately it seems like my hashtag for life is #imdoingit! I say this to my husband at least twice a week. He just rolls his eyes and kisses me with a smile. He gets me and my weirdo-ness.

So here’s the update:

I’m back down in the 130s. I have to tell you that being in the 140s for almost two whole weeks was frightening. I’ve never had a slide back last that long. I felt like I was ruining my big accomplishment. My eating was seriously out of control. I was rewarding myself for the most ridiculous things. I’ve been counting calories with MyFitnessPal for 5 days now. I’ve gone over a couple of times, but never by very much. I’ve been “completing my entries” after dinner, which prevents me from eating anything else. I even logged my glass of wine last night.

One thing that has really helped me is that we are actually meal planning. We are in week two of it. We ate at home all seven nights last week and only ate out twice for lunch. This week we are on a similar path. Our grocery lists are smaller, and we stick to them. No throwing extra stuff in the cart. Even snacks and lunches are planned out a bit more. This week we bought a pack of lavash bread from Costco, a big thing of lunch meat, and a big thing of spinach. Mr. Neon and I have been plowing through wraps. By the way, have you tried lavash bread yet?! It’s amazing. The big squares of it that we get at Costco have only 160 calories and an amazing 14g of protein.


Here’s a wrap from last week. I ate the same thing today, only no chips. I subbed vegan “cheese” crackers instead. I HEART apples…big time.

I’m still not using a fitness tracker. I entertained the idea last night and got out my “new” Garmin vivosmart and set it up. I went to put it on this morning and decided against it. I spent so much time updating it, checking my status, and messing with it, and I’m not sure it would serve a purpose right now. I know I’m active enough. Being active isn’t the problem.

So I’m doing it! The scale says so!!

And since all I’ve talked about lately is running and food, here’s a picture of my bubs. Runner Boy and Tiny Boy…they still hold hands just because they want to. I love these brothers.


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