Plan Revision

Being a busy runner sometimes means adjusting the training plan on the fly. This is happening in a big way this week. The nice thing about only having three run workouts to space out over seven days in a week is that it’s harder to completely miss a workout.

Work is a little crazy right now. The front desk has been short staffed for a while and now we are short staffed back in children’s. We’ve all had to step up and take on more responsibilities. That included running storytime by myself this morning. I knew that getting up at 4:45am to squeeze in my 7 mile tempo run was going to be a recipe for disaster.

I sat up at 4:45 am and said my body and my mind said no. And then I had a dream…or maybe it was just a sleep-induced moment of brilliance…that I could just turn my 10K race on Saturday into my tempo run. I was already planning on getting my 10 mile slow long run in on Friday morning because I don’t work until later.

See…it’ll all work out. And I won’t run…literally…myself raged.

In other news, look what landed on my doorstep this afternoon.


These are soooo good! I tried them for the first time on my long run this past Saturday. I usually eat the cherry cola flavor, but the last couple of times I’ve eaten them, they’ve turned my stomach a little bit. I think I just needed a change in flavor. They are sweet like all the other Honey Stinger chews, but they have a delightful tart, citrus kick. I don’t like grapefruit, but I like these. I also dig that they are dairy free and organic. Perfect fuel for all my tummy issues!

I’m a Honey Stinger Hive athlete and proud of it. Their waffles and their energy chews are my number one nutrition choices!

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