Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes

I feel like a broken record when I apologize for not posting for weeks on end. This time I have a very legitimate excuse. I have a BIG announcement!

I’m now a FULL TIME librarian!

In our children’s department, there are five staff members. A full time coordinator, aka “the boss lady.” A full time librarian, or as the official title reads Senior Youth Services Library Assistant. Sounds cool, eh? And then three part time librarians. I was formerly the “lead” part-timer. I worked 23-25 hours per week. About a month ago, the full time librarian decided to retire. We’re going to miss her a lot. The patrons, especially her little storytime kiddos, are going to miss her a lot. But her retirement left an opening available, and I jumped at the opportunity. Being a children’s librarian is definitely my career, and going full time was the next logical step. Also when these openings happen, people take them and keep them for decades.

I’m over the moon excited about this job! I’ve jumped in with both feet. It truly is my dream job. But it’s taking some adjustment. My coordinator and the library¬†director have graciously allowed me to slowly increase my hours during the month of April.

The job is one change, but it changes everything else. We bought a treadmill and fit it into the tiny third bedroom in our house that previously had been the office/library/catch-all-junk-room.


We got a Nordictrack Commercial 1750, a recommendation from Another Mother Runner. It’s pretty awesome. It can go up to a 12% incline and even declines down to 3%. We haven’t tried it yet, but it has an iFit subscription that you can use to creates routes and simulate outside running with automatic incline adjustments. It also has an eye level iPad stand. I’ve been watching Season 6 of Mad Men. I am determined to finish that show and find out what happens to Don Draper by the end.

The treadmill is so I can get up early and do my weekly runs before work. We live in a rural area and I’m just not comfortable running on our road. And driving somewhere to run adds 20-30 minutes to my morning. I’m somewhat of a morning person, but 4:30 and 5am come early!

I’ve also got to figure out how to fit everything else in. Housework, cooking, grocery shopping. Mr. Neon has been a big help there thankfully.

So that’s where I’ve been lately. I’ll figure out the new balance and be back to blogging regularly. On my 3 mile easy run…darn taper…this morning, I wrote about four blog posts in my head. Now just to get them on here!

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