Hard on Myself

Mr. Neon is down for the count. Poor guy is dealing with some wicked plantar fasciitis. It sucks. He’s tough and  stubborn, so it’s hard for him to give up running to rest and heal. I think he’s finally decided to take some time off from running. He LOVES his bike and has really been swimming well, so hopefully he’ll be able to throw himself into those things and keep himself in good cardio shape for our upcoming races. I even told him I would try pool running with him.

In a weird, backwards way, his injury is affecting my running. I feel guilty getting to run when he can’t without pain. I miss him on my long runs. I used to think I liked to do them on my own, but I miss doing them together.

I felt like I had a lame week of running. Mr. Neon insists I’m being hard on myself. I think he’s right. I have come very far. 13 miles used to be my race distance, not a regular weekly training distance. And a 24 mile week was a challenge and now it’s just run of the mill usual.


Tuesday: 5miles. 1mi WU. 3×1 Tempo (9:10, 8:59, 8:59). 1mi CD

Wednesday: 6miles. It was supposed to be NS (2,2,2), but I wasn’t feeling fast, so I just did a steady run at a 10:12 pace.

Friday: 13 miles. I was supposed to do 14, but I bailed on the last one. It was an overall pace of 10:18. Nothing to balk at, considering my last half marathon was at a 10:11 pace. But I felt like I could have done more.

So what was missing? I racked my brain during my long run.

Uh…PiYo. Yeah…I didn’t do a single PiYo workout last week. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. Why didn’t I do PiYo? I don’t know. I was a bit busier than normal. But I’m making no excuses. It was supposed to be my last week of the 8 week program. So I won’t be taking after pictures just yet.

Now that the initial 8 weeks is over I will be continuing PiYo, but I will be mixing it up on my own. I know which workouts will fit in with my training plan.

Note to self: cross training is important. It might seem crazy to do MORE workouts to make running better and easier, but the last 8 weeks have proved that to be very true.

This week…MORE PIYO!

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