Two Sentences Per Picture!

I did speedwork on Wednesday in these bada$$ purple leggings from Old Navy. I love these leggings, and new workout clothes totally motivate me.

Then I came home and made homemade (dough and sauce!) mini pizzas for the freezer. We can thaw, add toppings, and pop under the broiler.

This was my lunch. Crumbled up homemade meatball and kale tossed in olive oil and garlic salt.

Thursday I went to Whole Foods and got some of this yummy stuff. I have since returned the Sport one and got another tub of Vega One in French Vanilla, which I will blog about next week.

This was lunch on Thursday. One scoop of Vega One, 8oz almond milk, banana, 4 frozen strawberries, handful spinach, handful kale, dollop of almond butter, 4 big ice cubes.

After my long run of 7 miles on Friday, I went to the grocery store and got our weekly supply of apples. 7 miles in 1:09:20, 9:51 pace…beautiful weather!

I also got a pound of carrots which I peeled, steamed, and mashed with a fine potato masher. After these are frozen, I will put them in my smoothies.

While Mr. Neon did his long run today, I took the boys to Whole Foods. I promised them a cookie if they were good, but I found a Vegan Everything cookie for me too.

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