Weekend Bum!

Hello Saturday! We are having a bumming it day around the Neon Runner household. Runner Boy woke me up at 1am with a very sore throat. By this morning he was running a low fever. We were able to call our teledoc service and get him some antibiotics without dragging him down to urgent care and exposing us to the flu. I’m guessing strep throat since it’s been going around his school lately.

So we are having a lazy day. Tiny Boy and I did manage to go to the grocery store. But I felt like I was shopping in SLOW MOTION. I did PiYo yesterday, followed by a 6 mile run. My whole body is sore!! I have foam rolled twice already and had Mr. Neon rub my shoulders. This runner needs to focus on crosstraining for sure!


Do you PiYo? I kind of loved it. It was basically fast yoga that got your heart rate up. LOVE IT! I’m debating buying the DVDs so I can do it at home. I’ve never been much of a home DVD workout person, but I think I could stick with PiYo on a regular basis as crosstraining / strength training.


After we got home with groceries, we had lunch, and Mr. Neon headed out to pick up his new triathlon bike shoes. I sweetly asked him if he would stop by Whole Foods on the way home because I was out of granola. He brought me back these two beauties. Cherry Vanilla heaven. I eat it like cereal with almond milk as a post run snack. Delicious.


I guess this post is about food. While Mr. Neon was gone, I whipped up a batch of the easy marinara sauce out of The Runner’s World Cookbook. He walked in the door and asked what on earth smelled so good. I take that as a good sign. It was definitely easy. Only 6 ingredients. I made some pizza dough, so that along with the double batch of meatballs I made yesterday will make some killer pizza tomorrow for dinner.

I REALLY love this cookbook. It hasn’t left my counter since my mama gave it to me for Christmas. I’ve made at least half a dozen things out of it, and every single recipe is easy, delicious, and has nutrition tailored for my runner diet.

Tiny Boy and Mr. Neon are beckoning me to come play card games with them. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!

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