2015 GOALS!

chevron shoe

Yesterday I reviewed 2014 and how well I met those goals. Today is the day to look ahead. I gave myself a week to ruminate on the past. Now it’s all about the future.

2015 is going to be a BIG year. 15 is my lucky number. I just feel like this year has big things in store for our family. My husband and I will celebrate ten years of wedded bliss this coming summer. The boys will turn 8 and 6. And I will run a full marathon this year.

So without further ado, here’s the goals.


1. Run a full marathon. Prairie Fire…here I come! I’ve already registered for October 11th.
2. 1000 miles. I’m gonna do it this year!
3. Sub 1hour 10K. It’s gonna happen!
4. Half Marathon PR. As much as I’d love to run a sub-2hr half, I’m not sure that’s entirely feasible just yet. I at least want to PR and get as close to 2 hours as I can.
5. Focus on XTing. Swimming and biking, for sure. But I also want to figure out some kind of strength routine. I also want to take some classes from our Y. I’ve highlighted a spin class, muscle pump, and intermediate yoga to start with.


1. Less screen time. I am so guilty of just staring mindlessly at my phone. I’m not proud of it.
2. Downsize. I want to declutter our house and get rid of stuff. Stuff we don’t need. Stuff we don’t use. Be more efficient.
3. Learn about wine. Maybe even take a class?
4. Be more present with my children. This one definitely ties in with no. 1.
5. Blog. Twitter. Facebook. ALL. THINGS. RUNNING. Ha!

So there they are in black and white. Now to get to work on them. I’ll start with a 4mile run at the YMCA. On the TM. Because it’s COLD outside. Negative wind chills and all that jazz. I miss spring!

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