2014 – A Look Back


2014 is in the books, people. It’s over! And it was GOOD. 2014 will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my first full year as a runner. I conquered lots of challenges. It was a banner year.

I ran 14 races. I wish I could say I planned that, but I didn’t.

Frosty 5K
Easter Sun Run 10K
Prairie Fire Spring Half
River Run 10K
Couple’s Classic 4mile
Firecracker 4mile
Titan 10K
Rock N Route Triathlon
Tiara Tri
Run for the Roses 1mile
Prairie Fire Fall Half
Mustache Dash 5K
Turkey Trot 2mile
Resolution Run 5K

One 1mile. One 2mile. Three 5Ks. Two 4miles. Three 10Ks. Two half marathons. Two sprint triathlons.

I PR’ed at every distance. My current PRs are…

1mile 8:10
5K 27:19
10K 1:01:24
Half Marathon 2:13:25

I ran a total of 766 miles give or take a bit. I need to keep better track. Daily Mile does a decent job, but it rounds up. I haven’t gotten my year end report from them yet, so I might update this once I know my true number.

I went back to my old blog and found my list of 2014 goals. I was surprised at what they were and how I did. You can look at the link here.

I made running goals and non-running goals, so let’s check out the running ones first.

  1. Run 1,000 miles.
    Nope…didn’t quite make it. But I more than doubled my 2013 mileage, so I’ll take it!
  2. Run two 10Ks and two half marathons.
    DONE! I ran three 10Ks and absolutely fell in love with the distance!
  3. One indoor and one outdoor triathlon.
    I didn’t do an indoor triathlon, but I did do two outside, one of which was done in a pool. I call that a HUGE win!
  4. Bike 500 miles.
    Not even close. I don’t think I even did 200 miles, but I did bike A LOT more than previous years. I love my road bike.
  5. Continue the hunt for the sub-30 min 5K PR.
    I blew this one out of the water and PR’ed by over 3 minutes!

And now for the non-running ones…

  1. Be happy with what I’ve got. I have enough stuff.
    I think I did better here. I hope. I’ve got a big goal in 2015 to downsize our stuff. We are so close to buying a bigger home and I’d like it to be much less cluttered than this one!
  2. Try new foods. Quinoa and spaghetti squash are both high on my list.
    I didn’t try spaghetti squash, but I did fall in love with quinoa, couscous, raw tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.
  3. Read 75 books. I fell 5 books short last year.
    I only read 66. Oh well.
  4. Become a LunaPads Ambassador.
    I gave up on this one. I don’t have nearly enough time between the husband, the kids, the house, the job, and the running.
  5. Get a puppy…maybe.
    This one made me laugh. I forgot I put it on here. I don’t even think I was that serious about it. But we did get a puppy! He’s definitely one of the best things to happen to our family in 2014. He is a much loved member of the family.


I’ve got big plans for 2015, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read that!!

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