I want to be a regular blogger. I really do. I just can’t figure out how to fit it into my schedule. Do I blog in the morning? The afternoon? Late at night?

So what have I been up to in the last month? Yeah…it’s been that long since we last spoke. Let’s see.

The hydration challenge continues. I still strive to hit 100 oz. Most days I get really close…at least 80. Some days I struggle and then other days, I soar straight on past 100…sometimes I’m just really thirsty.

Running… So I went through a bit of a low patch. I didn’t run for 12 days. 12! It started out because of this.


It’s one thing to put stickers on your car. Yeah…I’ve got those too. It’s another thing to tattoo your love of running on your body. I have wanted a tattoo for a LONG time. What I’ve wanted has changed over the years, and it really shocks me that I chose a running tattoo as my first. Y’all…running has changed my life. I am a runner for life. Might as well brand myself with it and make it truly permanent. I mean…I can’t stop running with this bad boy on my shoulder.

The tattoo kept me from running for about a week. I didn’t realize how much I move my shoulder. Every time I would scrunch that skin, it would hurt a little. Then I just got lazy and didn’t run. Then I started having some stomach issues related to my IBS and decided a break might be a good thing. WRONG. My IBS is made better by running…a fact I seem to have forgotten.

But it’s all good. I’m back on track now. I ran 16.5 miles last week, including a 9 mile long run. I’m already at 8.5 miles this week and did my first speed workout yesterday in over a month. Felt GOOD!

So…the tattoo…you’ll notice there’s a distance missing. 26.2. It’s gonna get added next October. Yep, it’s official. I registered for my first MARATHON. A marathon…like woah. I’m stoked! Prairie Fire 2015, here I come!

Today is a rest day, so I’m going to hit up some yoga at home. And catch up on housework. I really hope I can get the house in tiptop shape before the craziness of next week with all of us home for six days hits. Have a great HUMP DAY!


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