Sad Earbuds


What is wrong with this picture? Aren’t earbud covers supposed to come in pairs? Yep…I lost the cover to one of my yurbuds. I lost it at the Mustashe Dash 20 days ago. 20 days is a LONG time to go without your favorite earbuds. I had to pull out a pair of the regular JVC gummy ones I keep in my work bag. They bounce in my ears, they are not soft, and they don’t like to stay where I put them. I miss my yurbuds!! I FINALLY ordered replacement covers today and noticed on their website they have new women’s only wireless earbuds available THIS month. Something just shot to the top of my Christmas list!

What kind of earbuds do you wear when you run??

What? I’ve had these forever…

I got new running tights on Tuesday and gave them a whirl yesterday. I wanted some tights that were unlined for those in between days when capris just aren’t enough but it’s not cold enough to bust out the fleece lined tights. I really liked these ones from Old Navy . You can’t tell in the picture, but they aren’t solid black. They have some contrasting striping. I like black running bottoms, because they go with everything. But plain old black is boring…I like some variety. I got another pair too that has some geometric striping stuff on it. Ok…I suck at describing black prints…ha!


Where do you get your running bottoms?
I find tops just about everywhere (Kohl’s, Walmart, Target, Dick’s Sporting Goods, GoRun), but I’m pretty specific about my running bottoms. I do like Old Navy’s active stuff though!


Hey look, it’s me…not wearing running clothes! I just had to share my new super soft fleece zip-up, also from Old Navy. I have wanted one of these for a year. Old Navy has them every year and they always sell out of them during Black Friday. I remembered to head in there this week and get one before they are gone! I’m totally willing to spend an extra $3-5 over what they sell them on Black Friday. These jackets are awesome. Thick and soft and warm. Jackets and coats are one thing I have been slowly replacing in my new small size. There are things to don’t think of when you lose weight…and one is just all the different clothing items you need to replace over time with your new size. Like right now I have NO slacks that fit me right. None. I live in skinny jeans, yoga pants, and running clothes. Ha!

Ok…enough randoms for this Thursday. Off to do the exciting stuff…laundry, dishes, errands, and then later library work! Happy Thursday!

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