Tuesday Goodies

Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles in 31:58! My 5K split was 27:55. I practiced my 5K race strategy and I think it worked. No music. No staring at the Garmin…run on feel and PUSH it. Use 9:1 run/jog…use the 1 min as a recovery jog but don’t break my running stride. I’m wondering how much faster I can push it in 12 days!

On Sunday, my big boy, John, another XC meet. He ran the 2K (1.25 miles) and got 7th in his AG. So proud! He ran a 9:31something. That’s a 7:39 pace! He’s really worked hard in the last couple of months. I can’t wait to see what he can do as his legs get longer and he continues to get stronger.


The official race photos from Prairie Fire came out at the end of the last week. I’m pretty much obsessed with the one of Noel and I. I really need to fork over the money and get a digital copy of both of these. Blow them up and frame them with our medal display that we hope to make as a Christmas gift to our family. Look how in sync our strides are! We run really well together, and sadly I think 2015 will be a separation of our running goals and we will do less races side by side. Left is spring, right is fall.


FOOD! I love fall food. I am back in the swing of eating better. Less sweets…better desserts. Better protein. Good carbs. I cooked all weekend. I roasted a chicken. I make meatballs for the freezer. I baked bread…white whole wheat crusty bread…yum! And I made dark chocolate cherry craisin oatmeal cookies and cinnamon rolls. I feel better about eating from scratch desserts because I know they are made with real, good ingredients. Noel and I joke my cookies are the perfect recovery treat!


I LOVE pretzels. Our local convenience store, Quik Trip, has a new store layout that includes Kitchens. They make fresh pizza, pretzels, and a few other things. You order on a touch screen and then wait for you food to come out. I am in love with these pretzels. Great long run recovery treat with all that salt. I was able to ask for the nutritional information and was happy to learn they are DAIRY FREE! More pretzels for me. I think I might get one today!!


You know it’s fall/winter when Caribou Reindeer Blend comes out! I totally squealed at Target when I saw it. I only bought two boxes, but I’ll be back for more. Last year I bought enough to last me until the first week of July…and no I’m not joking.


I’m starting a training plan…ummm…two days ago. I was flipping through my trusty, well worn copy of TLAM and decided to do the 10K Own It plan to keep myself in shape and work on my speed a bit before jumping into the Half Own It plan. The 10K Own It is 10 weeks long, which will get me through Christmas and leave me a week to chill and recover for the Hangover Half series (two 5Ks and a half mary in less than 24 hours!). It’ll give me planned workouts to look forward to instead of just randomly deciding on runs and workouts day to day.

Off to get ready for my day. I’ve finally got the house caught up. Laundry and dishes done and the house is mostly decluttered. I’m planning on riding my bike to work today, so I need to go check my tires and dig out a backpack to throw all my stuff in.

Happy Tuesday!!

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