Kindergarten and Gym Day Monday

The BIG DAY arrived! Mark was so excited about his first day of kindergarten that he woke at 5:30. Mommy was less than thrilled. I bet I have to nudge him out of the bed tomorrow morning!

As soon as the bus pulled up, he gave me a side hug and a hip kiss and he was out the door with big brother. Thanks, kid, for making me feel old and sad.

Of course, when his teacher forgot that I was picking him up after school, his tune was a little different. When I came to his rescue in the bus line, the bottom lip was out. He almost shed real tears, and I’m pretty sure I have bruises on my neck where he clung to me. My sweet tiny boy!


I am happy he’s ready for school, happy he loves to learn, and happy to watch him grow. I am sad that time seems to be moving so fast. However, I will definitely be giving myself a pat on the back. He is ready for school because of the hard work his daddy and I did preparing him. So all you parents out there struggling with your babies going off to kindergarten, while your kids act like it’s no big deal…YOU DID GOOD!

After the boys were settled at school, I headed to the gym to distract myself. 5 miles and a little swimmy to work on technique did the trick. I have made a couple of new mommy workout friends that seem to hit the gym about the same time as me. One of them gave me some great pointers on my breathing. I did walk myself over to the kidzone on autopilot when I was done. I corrected myself before I asked to pick up my kid who wasn’t there.

My Monday happy place. I think a run/swim will become the new norm to kick my week off right!

I hit up the grocery store after my workouts. Ok…so maybe having both kids in school isn’t so bad. I was able to walk up and down the aisles without telling anyone to stop running. And no one had to go to the bathroom right when it was time to check out! I hit the kitchen when I got home. I baked some bacon. And then I made chicken nuggets from scratch!



SO GOOD! And I know everything that is in them. Chicken boobs, mashed potatoes, some seasonings, and panko bread crumbs. Here’s the recipe if anyone is interested. I used her recipe from the cookbook which calls for 1/2 cup mashed potato instead of the oats. The texture is very similar to Wendys. I’m still waiting to hear if my boys approved of them. For dinner, I had two on a salad with my new Bragg’s ACV vinaigrette. YUM!

And now I’m at work, helping patrons, getting ready for fall programs, taking a few moments here and there to type this. I did just eat a bag of these.


I know I’m dehydrated when I crave these. Time to chug the water and get back to work!

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