Week 6 of 1/2 Training 2.0

Somehow I managed not to post a summary of week 4, so this is actually week 6. As of Sunday, I’m ten weeks out from race day! I’m starting to get excited! This was a BIG week. I still didn’t do an actual long run, but the long workout at the end more than covered the 8 miles I was supposed to do!

Sunday 7/27 – (Easy 3mi or XT) REST!
After the big brick workout from the day before, I chose rest over the 3 easy miles. I wasn’t even tempted at John’s track practice. My legs were pretty tired.

Monday 7/28 – (Easy 5mi)
Noel and I went to the Y and decided to chase each other around the track. We did 5 miles in 44:37 (8:55 pace). WOAH! First time I’ve ever run that far under a 9 minute mile. Then we hit the pool. I did 750yd, including a timed 400 at 9:02. AWESOME! I think I’ll try to keep up the Monday longish run and swim once the boys start back at school.

Tuesday 7/29 – Speedwork
Kevin was in charge of the workout, so he had his whistle. We did 15x 1min hard with 1min recovery. We were supposed to do the 1min hard at 10K pace, but I pushed it a lot harder than that. I did the first 10 at an 8:15 pace and the last 5 at a 7:45 pace. I ended up doing 3.65 miles in 34:42, an overal 9:30 pace. Pretty good considering I did a slow shuffle run for the recoveries. It was a good enough workout that I saved it into my Garmin.

Wednesday 7/30 – Rest of XT
I REALLY wanted to ride my bike, but by the time I had my tires aired up, it had started raining. I went up to my grandparents’ house to use the elliptical. I did low resistance, high cadence to mimic the feel of a bike ride. 7.13 miles in 45 minutes.

Thursday 7/31 – (3mi or XT)
I did 2 miles at John’s XC practice on the XC course. I wore my new Brooks PureGrit2s. I can definitely tell a difference in the trail shoes, but I’m going to have to get used to the weight. I ran the second half mile and the third half mile with Marky, which is a lesson in patience. I really hope he likes running like his brother. So far he enjoys it!

Friday 8/1 – (LR 8mi)
With my first sprint triathlon on Sunday, I knew a long run was out of the question. Noel suggested a shorter run with a swim and then a hard race on Sunday would substitute. We did 3mi on the Y track. Fast for me again…3mi in 27:13, a 9:04 pace. I swam 600yd in the pool. We got to practice serpentine because we had the pool to ourselves. I’m glad I was able to do that before Sunday.

Saturday 8/2 – REST
Rest before the race. We did take the dog for a 1.2 mile walk.

Sunday 8/3 – Derby Rock N Route Triathlon
You’ll have to wait for my race report for ANY details.

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